My stepsister's sex tape

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I remembered the day, or rather, the night, of my brother’s birthday party.

Levi had rented this glamorous downtown club and invited 500 of his closest social media “friends”.

It always shocked me how different his life was. I didn’t have 50, much less 500, people in my phone’s contacts list. But Levi? He knew everyone who was anyone and they all clamored to get his attention, to get a party invite, a shout-out on his Instagram.

The theme for that night, because of course he was the type to throw themed parties, had been The Great Gatsby.

I remembered teasing him about it. My brother had never been much of a reader. The only reason he knew the story was probably thanks to DiCaprio’s exceptional movie. Otherwise, the great classics of American literature were little more than names he might have heard once upon a time.

I also remembered that party boy Levi was caught fucking some chick in one of the restrooms.

During my half-bored patrols of the area, trying to keep drama and trouble to a minimum, I had noticed a commotion around that area. I remembered how I couldn’t be arsed to go see what that had been all about. Giving that it was a Levi party and that sirens weren’t blaring, I had figured that people were either merely getting high, kinky or wasted in there, which was pretty par for the course for a Levi-made social event.

Little did I know that my older brother was having the time of his life fucking our 19 year old stepsister’s tight pussy to the cheering of a small crowd. Twenty, maybe thirty people had gathered there, phones in their hands, immortalizing the highlight of the party by means of live streaming, recording or snapping filthy photos.

I had watched the video after it went viral, mostly out of curiosity, but I had remained clueless as to who the girl had been. Hell, I had even given it a thumbs-up, thinking how Levi always got to fuck the hottest bitches and I was the only idiot pining after one in particular because I thought myself above being a dirty fuck.

It took Ashley coming forward with this new information, turning my world upside down, to know that it had been her, the sexy brunette of the party, the girl all the jealous bitches were calling a “slut” and a “whore”, and all the envious men a “hot fuck”.

I googled for it, because of course I hadn’t downloaded a copy of my brother dicking some chick, no matter how hot that had been labeled as.

The video was now at 7 million views and counting and it had about a million comments.

Shit, the beast grew since I last watched it.

It was even on all popular porn streaming sites, according to the search results.

My sweet stepsister’s sex tape was popular.

Who would’ve thought?

Most of the comments were about her body and how people wished there was some way to clear the audio and only listen to her moans, because she looked like she was a screamer.

I leaned back in my chair and took out my cock. Even though things were good now between us, and I could fuck her cunt any time I wished for it, there was something deliciously obscene and erotic about the sex tape, about watching my two favorite people fuck for the first time, about watching my little stepsister treated like a whore in a club’s restroom.

In it, I could see that Levi had this new lucky girl bent over the sink, giving it to her hard. They hadn’t caught it from the beginning, from his first thrust.

My stepsister’s back then jet black hair was a tousled mess, obscuring her face. Her sequined dress, half ripped off her, was hitched up to her hips and she was holding the front of it together with tight fists.

Levi was fucking her from behind, rough hands on her hips, keeping her in place while he rammed into her to his heart’s content. He wasn’t being the least gentle, as if he was trying to punish her with his cock and if it wasn’t for her thrusting her ass back into him, it would’ve looked non-consensual.

But our Ashley was a slutty minx, she was loving every second of that fuck, given how she’d stopped caring about her ruined dress a minute into the video and began to play with her breasts, mauling them with her delicate girlish hands and thrusting back with even more abandon, seeking more of the cock that was driving her mad with lust.

She was lost to the pleasure building in her, but not as lost as to reveal her face to the camera.

She angled her head away from the door and it seemed like she urged Levi to pound her even rougher before spasming against the sink countertop, rendered broken by her orgasm.

The people watching the scene were rooting for Levi to creampie her, thing which he had obliged, proof being the close-ups of his cum dripping out of her gaping hole as they filmed my stepsister’s final public humiliation chapter. After all, no good girl would ever let herself get fucked that way, much less filmed while taking a cock in a club’s restroom.

She hadn’t dared to get up after, which even I had thought it had been strange - usually Levi’s fan girls were more than happy to brag about having had The Dick, ready for their fifteen minutes of slutty fame.

I should’ve realized it, then, based on that, just whom my brother had fucked.

The last ten seconds of the clip were of Levi seemingly sobering up and realizing that everyone there had just made him even more famous than before.

But more so than him, it had made my teen stepsister into a teen porn star.

“It was a wild night,” Ashley said.

I craned my neck to look at her. She was standing in the door frame, looking at the monitor, the ghost of a smile on her face.

“I had so many bruises the morning after, I looked like wild animals had pounced on me.”

“You knew how he is when he drinks too much. Tarzan has more manners than our dear brother.”

“Mmm, speaking of manners, how about I take care of that for you?” My stepsister asked and knelt next to my desk chair, taking my cock in her soft hands and givin

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Written by Hazel Grace
Cargado November 13, 2021
Notes Someone filmed my stepsister getting fucked in a club, so of course I watched the whole thing.
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