FFM pt1. Tink and the neighbor Tiffany

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Tink (that's my girls nickname) and I have an awesome sex life. We're both freaks we love everything sex related. Both watch porn, use toys, rate the models, etc. But we never go outside of the relationship its us and we like it. Who wouldn't I have it made shes 42 I'm 46 she's thick in all the right places with a picture perfect pussy a set of tits like a 25 yr old and an ass that dont quit! She sucks a mean dick and loves and craves anal. She loves to rude my face and squirt in my mouth and hold my head down until she is done fucking my face. Then she wants daddy to dominate her. We were watching a movie with her favorite actress Madison Ivy when she made the comment "what I woulddnt give to have her fuck my face like I do yours" ! I was shocked and I said so you want to do another girl and she said well I would if it was ok with you of course I said yah if we both agree on who and I'll just watch and maybe tape it lol. We had a new neighbor move in next door Tiffany was her name. Tink kept watching her all the time. Tiffany had to know cause shed wear skimpy clothes when outside and my girl was outside. Tiffany was 26 with DD tits barely a tummy a phat ass and what me and my girl came to find out was THE perfect pussy. Never crossed my mind shed want her she wasnt Madison Ivy at all but fuck was she a bad bitch. I came home one day and tiffany was leaving out house and I just made the usual small talk when Tink growled and threw me down and stripped naked and stuck her already soaking wet pussy on my mouth and immediately started squirting. I asked her wow where did that come from and why ass you already wet? She said her...inwantvher do what you have to do make your princess happy!
So I was asked to help Tiffany set some loose tiles in her bathroom so I just threw it out there and before I could finish she said she wants to fuck my wife. She said I could watch or join of course and with that grabbed my already hard 9 inch cock. I pulled back and tried to tell her no and she said tour wife told me to. What? She did not I said. Then how do I know you have a nine inch cock with ENJOY THE RIDE tattooed on it? She said that I was only allowed to suck it. So daddy am i allowed? I said fuck yah i grabbed her by her throat and squeezed and brought her to her knees and pulled out my cock and she sucked it into her mouth and straight down her throat. I felt guilty at first until this bitch pulled her tits out and said fuck these for now and pretend it's my asshole! What? And she likes anal. I fucked her tits and was about to cum when she took it back in her mouth and i emptied my nut deep in her throat. She winked and said move along daddy dinner is at 8. I went home and wifey was just smirking and giggling insaidnwhatsbso funny? So did you ket her or not? I froze and said i did but you said so she said! Oh i did so that way you wont come so fast fucking us both in our asses tonight. Must read pt.2

Written by 28gonzo75
Cargado November 15, 2021
Notes Wife finds our female neighbor irresistible
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