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Delicious , yummy I just some of the ways to describe me Sammy k. I woke up wet this morning. Like most mornings is anyone here to satisfy it almost hurts throbbing. It's that aching feeling it needs to be filled up and in a hurry but again no one is here and I begin to cry I could always put my finger down there I'm try to get myself off it just doesn't work not without her or him I need something now. Oh finally finally someone comes it's the landlord he's been outside working and he's sweating and glistening she's an older guy not exactly what I would choose but from looking at his package from the outside from the outside his bulging I wonder if he's been looking at me thinking of my sweet wet p**** now I'm going to walk over to him and I'm just going to ask him just like that cuz I can't wait any longer it hurts please sir please sir would you f****** my p**** hurts and there's no one around and I need to come so hard do you think you could look at a little just a little just put your tongue on it just flick your tongue on my clit really fast spit on it spit on it please I'll suck my clit suck it yeah he's doing a great job now I'm pushing his head deep in my p**** he can't breathe very well . I'm grinding his face grinding his face oh I wanted his dick but I don't think I can wait I'm going to come I'm going to come all over his face I'm grinding I'm I'm coming all over his face I'm grinding harder and harder he's trying to get me to stop yes yes yes oh I came so hard all over his face you can see my come on his cheeks on his nose in his eyes and around his mouth it's thick and white oh I'm going to lick it off and sent him on his way

Written by queencloud26
Cargado November 18, 2021
Notes Sweet pictures not too much gives you something to think of. It's sexy sweetness in the finest way a little breast a little skin but mostly beauty of her face she's willing to try anything you just have to ask
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