Solo Sex Romp

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I often come across my favorite hotel on the net when I'm looking to get away to just fuck my ass and pussy as hard and as long as I can. I check the room rate and find a weekday as it's usually a lower price with more privacy. All the hot tub rooms are on the first floor. I make the reservation for a few days from now. This starts the
process, the deep desire that will build up until my night of soapy, wet, Chinese sex! I can't stop thinking about it. I begin the list of things I'll need from the store. Shaving cream, Dove pink soap, Calgon bath oil beads, baby oil, powder, all my make up and extra lipstick so I can make my areolas bigger and darker. I'll spend hours on the internet downloading videos of solo hotel sex and lesbian sex. I make several 5 hour DVD's and then open prep bag #1. Bag one is a blue bag I keep all the dildos and creams and lotions, razor, shaving cream, pinch clothespins, condoms, rubbing alcohol, hair band, bracelets and necklaces - I have a beaded one I like to stick into my cooter when I walk around. Love it. Still home, I begin to rub lotion all over my tits and ass before bed. My hands slip beneath my panties and I have to stop and save myself for the hotel. I have a special bag with all my undies in it and I have candles and some cannibas just for fun. I love rum and Coke so I bring that AND a big plastic glass as the hotel only has small paper cups.
I finally get all of my sexy clothes together, with slips, bras, panties, etc. and wash them and then fold them and put them into the bag. Often I'll spray some of the neck scarves with perfume and stash them into the bags so everything will smell pretty when I get to the room. I got some new thigh-highs in different colors to wear around the room. I load my DVD player and parts into the blue bag. I toss a tube of lube in there too. So the day finally comes and I load all the bags into my car's back seat. I arrive and grab the blue bag and check in. First thing to do is set up the DVD player to make sure it works. With that done, I can get the rest. I get the big clothes bag and grab my big thermos. I enter the room and toss everything on the floor and then get some ice for drinks, etc. Once back to the room, I lock the door and bolt it, throw a towel at the base of the room door. I check the bathroom for enough towels. Then I turn off any lights and stand quietly in front of the king sized bed and clear my mind. I try to think about all the couples who fucked on that bed, how many single women touched themselves. I do the same over the hot tub. Who has been in there? What did they do? I go to the blue bag and pull out three tall candles and place them on the corners of the tub. I have to stop...and rub my tits and squeeze them hard.. My back arches and I throw my head back. Just a little tease there. I use the tub in the bathroom to shave my legs and ass and of course I have to trim up my little "Hitler". I step out of the tub and wrap a towel around me. I have to pee.
While sitting there, I fill up my bulb syringe with the hot bath water. Pull out the KY and smear some on my asshole. Another squirt for the shaft of the syringe. I lift up my ass and plunge the spout into it. Squeezing all the hot water in. Pulling out and repeat again. All clean now. Use some toilet paper to wipe myself. It's a little pain in the ass but anything coming out of me is a little thrill. My womb is stirring and I get all the perfume, make up and KY jelly, lotion and enema bulb and place them carefully out on the bathroom sink. I decide to take off my tight jeans and let them slowly fall to the floor. My thong was soaked with my lube juices dripping out of my cunt. I can smell myself and a wave of excited and crazy feelings overwhelms me. I shake a little, my tits jiggling a bit. I decide a bit of pot would be good about now so I loaded up a bowl and make a rum and coke. Burning that bowl just sends me for a loop. My ass squirms in the chair and I load up the bowl My mind is thinking about what hot things I can do. I hear a bump against my wall and I walk over and place my ear to it. I can hear girls giggling and then the sound of peeing. More giggles. I run my hands all over myself and then its time to cream my body and brush my hair. I pat dry my body so as not to wipe off the creamy lotion under my boobs and underarms.
It was time to prep the room for sex. I brought red light bulbs and replaced the desk lamps. A low red glow came over the room. I light the candles and I placed them around the hot tub. Then I get open the blue bag and take out all my suction cup dildos and vibrators. I keep a small orbit going with my hips as I bend over and open my clothes bag. I take each piece out and start sorting them into piles on the bed. Once done, time for another drink. 50/50 rum and coke. Smoked another bowl sitting in the room chair at the desk. My head is still spinning and the DVD is still running. I like to see lesbians and solo girls doing everything you can imagine. It's hard to find porn where the girls look like they're having fun. It's supposed to be fun, right? I run my hands over my legs and squirm around in the chair. I get my black thigh high hose and slowly place my toes into them, then pull them up to my thighs. They have a sticky band that keeps them up. Standing up I find a nice pair of high ride panties, blue and pink are my primary colors. I pull the panties up really tight to my pubic mound, forming a perfect camel toe. I rub my hands around and around my ass, running my hands past my nipples, with a slight brush, then I stick my thumb in my mouth and throw my hair back. . I'm blonde and it's to the middle of my back. It's quite a mane. So I'm halfway dressed and its time to suck some cock...just for a few minutes. I walk over to the bathroom sink and turn on the hot faucet. Then I go out and I kneel down in front of the row of suction cup cocks and select a medium size, pink one and begin to slowl

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Written by tototwo
Cargado November 21, 2021
Notes Woman gets hotel room with hot tub. Very descriptive and moves along. She'll tell you what she's doing all along and describe how she feels physically and mentally. What she uses in her tub and other stimulant's. She's all alone and loves it. She likes being in charge of her body and has no guilt or hang-up's about "the deed".
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