Four Raw Babes Nightly Adventure

Story 1: Raw & Awesome Foursomes!
  • Story 1: Raw & Awesome Foursomes!
  • Story 2: The Slut’sss Trilogy
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This wasn’t a nightmare it was more similar to hell as sensual flames pierced her very soul making her feel trapped in the middle of LUST. Agonizing woes became her anthem which thronged continuously within her mind like that of a horse riding fiercely into battle. Not a single means of escape was imminent, the only thing that stared her in the face was badass submission SEX.

Impossible became the theme of the song composed within her salacious thoughts as her heart danced to the rhythm it played. ‘Help! Help!’ Her inner man screamed blinded by the truth of reality buried far beneath the heavy burdens of her silly mistakes. Her eyes became dimmed by the paleness of orgasmic light. Shortly, a flicker of hope streaked across her hurting countenance that once beamed with delight.

“Where am I? What am I doing here?” She argued with herself silently. Life’s mirror became her reflection as she slowly recalled what led her to be where she was now lying flat on her back. She sighed, moreover, whispered, ‘If only I had known.’

As she impatiently waited for night to descend, thoughts of a ferocious gangbang became Karen Martinez’s theme song. Her parents were both holy believers; in fact, her father was a well-known pastor, yet, her behaviour was of a promiscuous and provocative variety. When it came to clubbing and throwing down her salacious fruit to both men and women, she was wild as hell; nothing could tame her tempestuous erotic ways. She was similar to a ticking time bomb walking on two feet waiting to explode sexually. Neither of her parents was aware of this freaky persona of hers.

Waking to meet the sun hiding below the horizon, Karen hurriedly tended to her evening routine before venturing out across town decorated in her sexy lingerie accompanied by a tube top blouse and a low-cut jeans shorts that advertised her butt cheeks along with the seductive designs of her private area. Karen’s ears, tongue, nose, nipples, navel along with her clitoral buff sported different sizes of resplendent rings alongside the boldness of her countenance which wore the vulgar sign, ‘Pussy for free.’ This was also emblazoned on her blouse in bold caps.

En route to the club, Karen thought of a way to surprise her friends with the already planned schedule. She suggested dancing on the poles since this would give her added exposure to what she was anticipating. Her friends tried talking her out of being so explicit with her young and favourable body, yet, she was hell-bent on making the headlines by being the star of the freaky show. Freakiness was her sexual desire, also her heart’s intention and no amount of advice could deter her from the path she had chosen.

Karen’s friends even tried to dissuade her from the gangbang she was ever so crazy about. Still, she blocked her ears to the words they said and opened her mind to her desire of self-gratification; the pleasures of the flesh. What had gotten into her? No one could tell, albeit they sought a suitable way of understanding her.

Before they arrived at their destination, they stopped at a nearby restaurant where they ate some light repast. Amidst the meal, Karen excused herself from around the table to go to the ladies restroom. During her absence, her girlfriends flirted with a few hot men.

Reaching the restroom, Karen relieved herself of the already almost none existent jeans shorts to parade only in her mesh short tights. This revealed the very ring stuck in the clitoris of her vagina whose pubic hair was completely shaven. Her pussy lips glittered with the silver ring it sported as she approached her friends almost in the nude. Everyone looked in awe at what they were seeing. Obviously, she was not selling tonight, it was more like giving it away. Her pussy was a free for all thing.

“What the heck is wrong with you, Karen? Are you high?” Her friend, Betsy asked sternly as she spilt some of her smooth drink.

“Not yet, but I intend to do so as soon as we get to the club.”

“Why are you doing this, Karen?” Another of her colleagues spoke up.

“To satisfy the craving of my sexual thirst. I truly desire to have my pussy stretch to its limit tonight.”

“As your friends, we’re telling you that you’re going to regret this move, Karen.” Said Pauline.

“Not on your life I won’t,” Karen answered.

Karen’s friends weren’t even aware that she had pierced her nipples until she exposed them. “What have you really done to yourself girl?” Sharon, her long-time friend intervened.

“I intend to be the superstar of the freaky show tonight. I can’t wait for the spotlights to shine on me like a beacon.”

“When it is over, what next? Your boyfriend, Tod will find out about this and break up with you.”

“Tod is too nice and conservative, he would never know what to do if I handed him this pussy. For God sakes, he still thinks that I’m a virgin. Aside from him, I have many bigger and better options to choose from. Don’t worry about me you three. I’ll be just fine. If you don’t want to go you can turn back, I’ll do it all by myself.”
Sharon continued, “We are not here to judge you, Karen. We’re only looking out for your best interest.”

“Okay, thanks. I appreciate your kind gestures. Now can we go?”

“Yes, Karen, lead and we will follow,” Sharon ended reluctantly.

“Now that’s the vibes I love to feel from you ladies. Come on.”

A few blocks away from the nightclub, four vehicles almost crashed when the drivers gazed upon Karen’s provocative attire. One man expressed, “Hey sexy, I want to enter you from behind and work my way to your front until I cum into your mouth.”

Karen’s friends eyed her strangely as she glowed in the comment of the driver. “Girls, I’m blocking traffic tonight, can’t you see it?” Just about to speak again, a passer-by on the street was brave enough to spank Karen’s exposed buttocks and she loved it.

“Girl, now we’re sure you’re out of your damn mind,” Said Pauline, the quiet sneaking one amo

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado November 22, 2021
Notes A group of freshly skinned seductresses graced the nightly streets with their overpowered fleshly aroma roaming about. They sought out thirsting gourmands to feast upon the succulent juices of their bodies. These four raw babes were unrestrained and wild as a tigress when it came to satisfying their sexual ego. Among them was the bravest soul called Karen. She yearned for her raw meat to be meticulously cooked by six strong men who had the stamina to dine on her table all night long.
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