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I’d only seen my stepbrother through videos he’d posted on social media. But that glimpse was enough to fuel my dirtiest of fantasies for the last three months. The rivets of sweat that glided down over his hard chest and into each valley of his muscular abs before disappearing between the deep V muscles flanked by his hips never failed to make me cum when I touched myself. Of course, it didn’t help that his gray sweatpants left nothing to the imagination when it came to the prominent bulge hanging between his thighs.
Just that image alone caused my clit to pulse, and I was now slipping into the public restroom of the coffee shop. I furiously rubbed my tight little bud until my entire body vibrated with pleasure, and my juices coated my fingertips. But, as always, shame washed over me the moment I came undone, and my cheeks tinged pink with embarrassment as I left the stall. If I didn’t do something to curb the insatiable urge to fuck him, I was going to lose my mind.
I knew it was wrong, and I tried my best to push the fantasy out of my mind. But I couldn’t help but wonder what the weight of it would feel like in my hand or tasting him on the tip of my tongue. It was sick and depraved, but I needed him. And there was no one else I wanted to take my V-card. He was handsome, sure but was also studying upstate to become a doctor. Irrationally jealously flamed in my belly as I thought of the woman who got to play checkup with him.
But all of that was about to change because Kellen was about to come home for the weekend. I was going to make him mine before he disappeared back to his college, and I went off to my own. We’d never have to even see each other again. It was a perfect plan.
I spent the rest of my day preparing for his arrival. I got a Brazilian, and my hair blown out in anticipation of his fingers tangling in my messy mane while he drove his thick length inside of me. Just the thought made me drip with anticipation.
“What time is dinner?” I asked my mother as I poured myself a glass of wine. She narrowed her eyes at me before shaking her head.
“Are you planning on being comatose before your brother arrives?” she teased.
“Ew. He is not my brother,” I snapped before throwing back the last sip in my glass.
“His father and I are married, Raven. He is your brother, and you better welcome him into this family, or you can kiss any assistance at college goodbye,” she warned.
I rolled my eyes but didn’t argue. I didn’t want to screw up my mother’s life over some stupid fantasy, and I sure as hell didn’t want to ruin any chance I had of getting out of this small backwoods town.
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied before refilling my glass and downing the contents.
Three hours later, I was giddy with excitement and was practically bouncing off the walls as I tossed another dress onto a pile on my chair. I couldn’t find anything to wear that I thought would look good enough for a man like him.
When the doorbell rang, I squealed, grabbing the first garment I had tried on and tugged it over my head. It was from three summers ago and barely came to midthigh, but it was white, covered in lace, and made my tan pop.
I heard his voice as I bounded down the stairs. It was deep and masculine and caused a shiver to tickle its way up my spine as I rounded the corner and came face to face with my crush.
His eyes locked on mine, and I watched the column of his throat bob as he swallowed.
“I’ll let you two get acquainted while I pour us some drinks.” My mother was beaming as she bounded out of the entryway toward the kitchen.
“Raven?” he asked, standing to his full height, which had to be over six feet tall, a good half a foot taller than me. He was clutching a teddy bear in his hand.
“That’s me,” I replied, beaming. His gaze dropped to my thighs before dragging up my body before his eyebrows furrowed.
“You’re… much older than I assumed,” he replied, flashing me a brilliant smile. “Had I known, I would have gotten you a more age-appropriate toy,” he added, causing my cheeks to burn. I didn’t know if he meant that comment in a dirty way, but it still made me slick all the same.
“I love it,” I replied as I took the small plush from his hand. “That was very sweet of you.”
He shoved his hands into the pockets of his slacks. “I’m glad. But I wish my father would have specified the age of my new little sister. He wanted us to spend some time together this weekend, and I’m afraid the plans I made for us may be a little boring.”
“I’m s-sure whatever you plan to do with me will be fun,” I shot back, fumbling over my words as I eyed the stubble that lined his jaw like he hadn’t shaved for a few days giving him a rugged look. His dark hair was just long enough on top for him to run his fingers through, and I wanted desperately to tousle it.
“Kids,” my mother called from the other room, causing Kellen to smirk, and I rolled my eyes as he both padded through the expansive new home toward the dining room.
“Your father said he would be home soon,” she called out to Kellen as she sat the casserole on the table.
“This smells delicious,” he praised her, causing her to beam as we sank down in our seats and began to chitchat about his experiences at college.
Two hours later, we’d finally managed to finish dinner as Craig, my stepfather, droned on about his son’s studies.
“So, what do you have planned for the evening?” Craig asked as Kellen’s eyes flitted to me.
“Well, I was going to take Raven over to the bounce land in Jessup –”
“That sounds fun,” my mom interrupted. “Doesn’t that sound fun?” her eyes locked on mine, warning me not to be a brat.
“Sure,” I replied, unable to meet Kellen’s gaze.
“Are you sure?” he asked. “We could always go to a movie or something.”
Just then, the image of Kellen in his sweatpants, sans shirt, assaulted me. “No, actually, it sounds really fun,” I assured him.
“Well, we better get moving then. I don’t want to have you out too late.”
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Cargado November 23, 2021
Notes My stepbrother starred in all of my fantasies, and for one weekend, I had the chance to make it a reality. But when we decide to play doctor, I learn that I may be getting more than just his big cock for one night.
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