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Coming home from college was supposed to be relaxing, but instead of hanging out by the pool and catching up with my mother, I was alone because she had to run off for a family emergency. So instead, I drank a few glasses of wine, and I took a nice refreshing shower before I passed out on her bed, reading one of my naughty romance novels as I fingered myself. I had fallen asleep wrapped in a towel from my shower, and after tossing and turning, it must have come loose, but the humidity from the day hung heavy in the air, and it felt good not to have to worry about covering up because someone might see me.
I was lost in a vivid dream of a vampire seducing me when I was awoken to what felt like a very real tongue spreading me open and devouring me. Not just any man, a sexy guy with a beard that tickled my thighs as he sucked on my clit. His groans as he ate me out only made me wetter, and soon I was humping his face, desperate for more.
It wasn’t until he spoke that I realized what was happening. “Janet,” he moaned as he spread me wider. “You’re so fucking juicy.”
I gasped, wiggling my bottom to pull away from him, but he gripped my thighs, hauling me back against his mouth.
“Oh, God,” I whimpered. This man thought I was my mother, who had to leave town just before I arrived to help my aunt kick out her deadbeat boyfriend.
In the darkness, I understood his confusion. My mother and I had a similar frame, and given that she hadn’t told me she was seeing anyone, he probably didn’t even know I existed.
He slid a finger inside of me, and I pushed back against the intrusion. It burned as he stretched me, and he paused momentarily, breathing heavily and fanning his hot breath against my clit.
“You’re so fucking tight,” he rasped, and I froze, knowing he must have discovered it wasn’t my mother he was defiling. But after a moment, he slowly pushed his finger deeper inside of me before sucking my tiny nub between his lips. “And you taste so damn sweet.”
If he did know, he was pretending he didn’t. Besides, who else would be laying in her bed in the middle of the night, completely naked with a soaking wet pussy?
I pushed back against his intrusion, taking him deeper inside of me, desperate to find my release before he discovered my naughty secret. But this man wasn’t ready to end our little playtime. Instead, he slowly pushed a second finger inside of me. “That’s it. Fuck my hand,” he whispered. “Show me how badly you want my cock inside of you.”
I cried out, my pussy gripping down on his digits as he began to fuck me faster. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through me, and soon my cunt was empty as he lapped at my slit with his tongue, drinking in every drop of excitement I gave him.
But he wasn’t done with me yet. As soon as my body stilled, he grabbed my hips and flipped me over, pulling me up on my knees. His palm splayed across my back, shoving my head down into the pillow. The thick head of his cock, pushed against my cunt and he rocked forward, slowly sinking inside of me with a hiss.
I cried out, but the sound was muffled by the pillow, and he slowly began to pump his meat in and out of me. His balls slapped against my clit, teasing me and causing another orgasm to slowly start to build.
Reaching around me, he gripped my tits, palming them tightly as he rode me from behind like a feral animal. It felt like his cock was going to split me in two. He pulled out, flipping me to my back and grabbing my legs, holding them spread open in the air as he drove back into me, pounding my poor tender pussy.
My breasts bounced with every rough thrust. I grabbed them, squeezing them like he had as he drove into me.
“Yes,” I cried out, desperate for more. “Harder!”
The man slammed into me again and again until his cock thickened even larger. He growled, his body stilling as he pumped his seed deep inside of my cunt. His fingers rubbed over my clit, and my pussy gripped down on him, milking his cock of every last drop.
I could barely catch my breath, and I gasped as he pulled his thick meat out of my sore cunt.
I rolled to my side, passing out from exhaustion.
By the time I awoke, it was already late afternoon and the sun was streaming through the curtains. I rolled over, stretching. My pussy ached, and I reached down between my legs, not sure I’d imagined the stranger sneaking into bed with me. I was sticky and tender, but my clit throbbed at the memory of being pounded. I sat up, grabbing my towel and clutching it to my chest as I looked around the empty room. I was alone. Perhaps it was just a drunken fantasy.
I padded to the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water, needing to clean myself up and wanting to try out the new powerful jets in the oversized tub.
I let the water fill, steaming up the bathroom until the room was clouded. I sank down into the wetness, positioning my tender pussy over one of the water flows.
“Ohh,” I cried out, rocking my hips as I splayed my lower lips wide. That’s when I heard a creaking sound by the door. “Hello?” I called out, but there was no response. I pushed up on my knees, leaning against the side of the tub and rocking back and forth, so the water flicked my nub like the stranger’s tongue I imagined against me last night. “Fuck, yes, fuck me...” I moaned. I propped my thigh on the ledge, imagining the fantasy man’s face was eating me out. I let my eyes fall closed, rolling my hips into the stream of water. My body shook as pleasure rolled through me, and I cried out one last time, wishing it was against a tongue.
As soon as I came down from the high of getting off, I scrubbed my body with vanilla soap before wrapping myself in a towel before padding out to the kitchen. That’s when I came face to face with one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. He was sipping a mug of coffee, his eyes trained on me. I clutched the fabric to my chest, wondering if he had broken in. But I couldn’t imagine a burglar sticking around

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Written by novamonroe
Cargado November 27, 2021
Notes After coming home to visit from college, I was shocked to find my home empty. But after a few glasses of wine and a dirty book, I was more than happy to entertain myself. Of course, I didn’t expect a man to show up in the middle of the night and help fulfill all my dirty fantasies. It wasn't until the following day I found out he was my mother’s new husband, and he wasn’t done teaching me a thing or two.
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