Meeting you in the lobby

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I could see you sitting there as I walked into the lobby. You were on a couch, looking around, wondering if I was going to show, wondering if you had done the right thing even being there.

I walked in and your eyes met mine. You smiled at me, and my heart leapt for joy. I grabbed you and hugged you, holding you like I’d wanted to do for so long. We hold each other tight, and you whisper into my ear “I’ve missed this so, so much.”

“I’ve missed YOU so, so much!”

You bury your face into my neck as we hug, and I can’t help but softly kiss your neck and shoulder. I feel your hands grip the back of my head as I do it, and I hear you take in a sharp breath. I lift my head and look into those beautiful blue eyes of yours, and you smile, then bite your lip and nod at me. I reluctantly let you go, and then take your hand and lead you out of the lobby, through the double doors and into the warm summer air. I open the car door for you, and you slide into the passenger seat. I get in the driver’s seat and we take off. I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road when you’re sitting so close to me. You even found a long red dress and wore it for me. I doubted you were wearing anything underneath, and the thought of being able to touch you again made my hands shake. You look over at me and wink, then interlace your fingers with mine. We hold hands, not saying a word as I drive, our physical touch the only discussion we need. I turn the car south and trace the shoreline of the lake until I can turn off onto an un-named dirt road that leads to tree-covered hills. I turn off the car and look at you. You take my breath away, and I can feel your pulse as I hold your hand. I get out and open your door, and help you out of the car. I grab a blanket from the rear, then take your hand again and lead you to a stand of trees, where pine needles litter the ground and the nearest neighbor is not even in view.

I spread the blanket on the ground and sit down, and you stand in front of me. My Aphrodite, my Venus. I slide my hands up your legs, then look up at you with a grin. I slowly push your dress up your legs, inch by inch, until I could see that you weren’t wearing a single scrap of cloth under it. My hands cup your ass and I pull you to me so that I can begin kissing your legs, your belly, that sensitive spot where your thighs meet your hips. Your hands are on my shoulders helping you to stand upright as I taste your skin, then slowly brush my lips across the front of your sex. You’re dripping wet from the anticipation, and I smile as my lips caress your skin. Your legs are trembling as my mouth moves lower, kissing and sucking and licking, until you gasp and your legs start to give out. I guide you down on to my lap, and you can feel how hard I am as I press against you.

Your hands go to my belt, pulling at it as your mouth devours mine. I lift my hips so I can slide my pants down. You wrap your hand around me, feeling the soft skin throbbing under your fingers, and you guide me into you. You’re so slick and wet that I’m sheathed inside you with one thrust. We freeze at that moment, our bodies finally joined, our senses in overdrive. The feeling of having you around me again blanks my mind, and all I can do is stare into your eyes. You’re panting, trembling, your hands on my shoulders. I raise one hand to your face and trail fingers down your cheek. You look down at me with bright eyes and blood flushing your cheeks. We don’t want to break this moment where both of our desires are finally fulfilled, but our bodies begin to move of their own volition. Your dress pools around us as you ride me. I undo the buttons on your shirt, sending one flying off in my haste to touch you and feel you against me. Your hands are pulling my shirt up as well, almost ripping it off of me in your haste to have our bodies move against each other. I finally get your shirt undone and I suck your nipple into my mouth, licking and nipping it softly. My hands grab your hips, guiding you into a rhythm as your arms wrap around my neck and you pull me tight against you. Your eyes are closed, your head thrown back, and I can hear you moaning as you slide up and down, pressing me deep inside you. I move to your other nipple and you begin rocking your hips, griding against me frantically as I suck on your skin. You slam yourself down onto me, forcing me deep inside you, and I hold you tight and kiss your neck and whisper my desires into your ear. I roll you over, keeping myself inside you, and slowly begin moving inside you again. You’re running your hands over my shoulders, digging your nails into my back and wrapping your legs around my waist as I slowly increase my speed, thrusting harder and harder. I wrap one arm around your waist and lift you so that I can feel myself hitting all the spots inside you. You’re letting out little noises with every thrust and it drives me wild. I can feel the muscles in your legs tighten, you pull my head down to your head and kiss me, and then I feel your body clench around mine as the orgasm rolls over you. Your cries push me over the edge and I grab your hips and thrust one last time as my body explodes inside you. We hold each other tight as our heartbeats pound in our ears, until we can breathe again and our hands unclench and our bodies finally respond to conscious thought. Our limbs are entwined as we lay together, and you finally nuzzle my neck and say “I should get back. They’ll be expecting me at some point.”

No. Please. Stay with me just a while, just a little bit longer.

Written by dm1911
Cargado November 29, 2021
Notes Two lovers meet again, and recreate their love scene in the city where they met
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