Desire During the Gold Rush

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An Erotic Tale of the Old West
for YP Erotica
By [email protected]

Helena, Montana during the Gold Rush

The reception was just starting, and the orchestra had finished tuning their instruments and warming up. Now that Helena had become one of the richest cities in the entire world, with more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States, formal balls for society’s elites had become de rigueur. The first waltz was just beginning. This was only Abigail D’Angelo’s second formal reception since her “coming out” after her mother’s marriage just one month earlier. She was terribly nervous but trying hard to look very calm.

Abigail had no idea if she was succeeding in her efforts, or not. She suspected not, but in situations like this, she tended to envision the worst for herself.

“You’re going to be just fine,” Caleb Denholm said, looking down at her from the height of six-foot-four, made even taller by his brightly polished cowboy boots. He gave her a friendly, reassuring wink which lightened her heart—a little. “And when you mingle about, make sure that Zeke or I can always see you. Never leave the room unless my brother or I are with you.”

Abigail smiled up at him. Since she stood an even five-feet-tall, he towered over her.

“You’ve been my stepbrother for barely a month, and already you’re lording your authority over me.”

Caleb grinned, and the dimple in his right cheek became very pronounced. He looked the very essence of the gentleman Westerner.

“My father, upon marrying your mother, made it quite clear before they went on their honeymoon expedition that nothing untoward was to happen to you in their absence. Zeke and I gave him our word that we would keep all suitors, no matter what their station in life, at a safe distance. They would treat you like the goddess you are, and they would think themselves the luckiest creature alive just because you’ve spoken a few words to them.”

“Seriously?” She didn’t know her new stepbrother well, though she had heard more rumors about him—most of them licentious, sometimes in the extreme—than she was comfortable with. He was, she knew, a man known to stretch the truth, and make up fantastical stories out of whole cloth. In many instances, he was now a cowboy to be believed.

The bachelor shrugged his broad shoulders in his immaculately tailored gabardine suit coat, smiled once again at Abigail, and said, “I might be embellishing a little, but the gist of it is absolutely true.” He grinned. “There’s always at least a little truth in the things that I say.”

That’s why so many women fall under his spell, Abigail thought. He knows exactly what to say, when to exaggerate, and when to sincerely tell the truth. I’m just a teenage for-the-most-part virgin, but even I know that women of all ages crave a man like that.

Someone called out Caleb’s name, and he turned away from Abigail. She didn’t mind. Abigail had learned that being the sole focus of his attention was sometimes a bit intimidating.

She turned away from her new stepbrother toward the dance floor. There were only two couples slowly moving to the rhythm of the waltz. Their steps were perfectly orchestrated because they had been married for years and had been living out this exquisite routine, known only to the West’s high society, the most elite members of the America’s newly minted gold wealth.

Abigail looked at the audience surrounding the dance floor, and she was only a little surprised to see that there were many women looking at Caleb. Sometimes the women had their daughters standing beside them. When that was the case, both the mothers and the daughters were looking at her stepbrother from a distance, with lust shining in their eyes. Every mother in the territory knew of the family’s gold mines, and the fortune they produced month after month, year after year.

I don’t begrudge those women and girls, Abigail thought. Caleb’s handsome beyond words, wealthy beyond belief, and charming to a fault. She closed her eyes for a moment. And he’s also playing stud for probably a dozen or more women in this ballroom.

She had heard the stories, of course, even before her mother had married Caleb’s father. Caleb, and his younger brother, Zeke, were rakes. Their sexual appetites were Olympian, and their sensual skills that of a connoisseur of the art of amour. Abigail always pretended that she didn’t want to hear such wanton tales, especially since they could never be proven, but the very fact of the matter was that she listened intently to every word that was spoken about her privileged stepbrothers. When she heard those stories, between her legs, at the very core of her feminine soul, she could always feel her body responding. Slick nectar moistened the lips of her vagina, and the pulsing in her clitoris matched the throbbing of her heart.

She had played around some, but she was still a virgin where it really counted, and though she didn’t know with great clarity what she was missing out on, she suspected it was something important, something exciting, something…life changing. It wasn’t just something girls giggled about.

As she stood at the edge of the dance floor, with her eyes open but unseeing, she remembered the first time that one of her friends had told a lurid story of hearing that Caleb and Zeke had been with the wife of a decrepit lumber baron and had together entertained her for two straight days and nights. That night, as Abigail tossed and turned and struggled to find the escape of sleep, she pulled up her nightgown and touched herself. She was surprised to feel dampness against her fingertips. And then she touched herself a bit more firmly, with a fraction more confidence. It was only a matter of seconds before she was caressing her clitoris with the middle two fingers of her right hand. And it wasn’t long after that before she was fingering her pussy with her left hand

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Written by Robin Gideon
Cargado November 29, 2021
Notes In Helena, Montana during the gold rush, all bets are off as unlimited wealth and uninhibited girls rule the town!
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