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The Campground Shower

It was the hottest week of July and I was at the campground with my family for our yearly 7 day camping trip. My wife, myself, and two kids, 7 and 9, rough it in the wilderness for a week. If, of course, roughing it means having a generator, air mattresses, and a portable TV, and wilderness if that means occupying a plot of land alongside dozens of other campers.

We had become astute campers, and found the perfect balance between enjoying nature and bringing along our necessary comforts. Our multi-room tent gave my wife and I some privacy, and have learned tricks through the years to minimize insect and water issues. The kids were getting old enough to be more independent, which gave me more time to myself.

The campground had two indoor facilities, each at one end of the property. The buildings were identical, and included a sink with mirror above, and a shower with hot water. The shower stall had a curtain to provide some privacy. I have always appreciated the hot showers; they were a much needed reprieve from the busy, tiring days. The buildings were not distinguished by gender. It was a mostly quiet, modest campground, and people were able to take turns using the shower and sink. It wasn’t uncommon to have someone in there while you were showering or brushing your teeth. The whole place had a communal, laid back feel to it.

Since having kids, I have found that the best time to take care of my own needs was early in the morning. Waking up early allowed me to drink my coffee, take the dog for a walk, and most importantly, there was never a shortage of hot water, since I was beating the morning rush. Typically, I’d get into the shower around 6:00 am, shave, get dressed, and the busy day would officially begin around 7:00 am. I had fallen into this routine over the last couple years, and had never encountered another soul in that shower room. That’s part of why I liked my morning routine so much. This year, that all changed.

We had gotten to know some of the other families over the years, as many of us vacation the same time of year. It was reassuring to see the familiar faces year after year. This year, however, there was a new family a couple sites down from us. They seemed nice enough. They were a younger couple, maybe mid-30s, with a couple kids, much like my wife and I. The woman had dark hair, and a shapely figure. She may be what’s considered the ultimate MILF type - large, round breasts, a thin waist, and wide hips, with a plump, but firm looking behind.

We arrived on the same day, but they set up camp later than us. As they pitched their tent, I discreetly admired the woman’s ass. She wore tight jean shorts, just modest enough for a mom, but they wouldn’t look out of place on a younger woman.

She bent over to push in the stakes, and I could see the faint outline of her butt cheek. Also visible at the right angle was her simple black thong. It wouldn't have been noticeable if not for all of her moving around and bending over and twisting. On top, she wore a white tank top, with a low-plunging neckline. Placing a different stake in the ground, she bent down and her shirt dropped just enough for me to see the curvature of her tits and her white bra. On her way up, she looked straight at me.

I was wearing my sunglasses, and hoped she hadn’t noticed. Either way, once she was all the way vertical, she smiled and gave a friendly wave. I waved back, trying to ignore the stirring in my belly and loins. As I flipped the burgers and veggies on the portable grill, I admired her flexibility and curves. Her movements were fluid, like a dancer’s. She rotated her hips easily and gracefully. I couldn’t help but fantasize what she must be like in the bedroom.

Later in the evening, my wife and I walked over to introduce ourselves and welcome them to the campground. Her name is Laura. I wasn’t paying enough attention to catch the husband's name, but he seemed nice enough. He was a rather bland looking man, not especially good looking, but not ugly, either. We made small talk, shared about our kids, and said how we should all have drinks after the kids go to bed at some point in the week. It was all very friendly, tame, and seemingly insignificant.

The next morning, I woke up early, sipped my instant coffee, and savored the quiet dawn. Around 6:00, I gathered my items to shower, etc. Given that I’ve never encountered a person this early, and our site is close to the shower building, I wore my clean towel, and carried my toiletries in a caddy. The cool morning air felt refreshing on my chest and back. As a mid-30s man, I felt confident in how I look. I’m no A-list movie star, but I’m toned and take care of myself.

I allowed my mind to wander off to nothing in particular as I strolled up to the shower house and opened the door. The space is so small, that I immediately noticed the additional presence in the building. It was Laura. She stood at the sink, brushing her teeth. Her mouth was foamy as she turned to smile at me. I immediately took in her skin-tight leggings and tank top. The tight spandex material hugged her generous curves. Her tank top could barely hold in her DD or larger tits. I felt an instant twinge in my cock.

“Hey! Good morning!” She said through the foamy toothpaste. She chuckled, and held up a finger, suggesting to wait a second for her to finish brushing. Once she dried her mouth, she turned back to me, “I see we have another early riser here.”

“Good morning,” I replied. “Yeah, I suppose so. I’ve learned I have to wake up early to have just a little time to myself before the crazy day starts.”

“I hear that. I was going to do my hair and makeup, but I can leave if you want to be…” She started.

“Oh, no, don’t worry about it,” I interrupted. “Really, I meant time to myself from the kids. I can handle being around another adult.”

We smiled at each other with looks of relating to one another and the challenges of pa

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Notes things happen during an otherwise normal camping trip.

This story is a slow burn. There is no fucking in the first two paragraphs, but your body WILL be aroused by the end.
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