80's Spring Break

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Back in the 80's we would usually take a trip to Florida's panhandle coast for some relaxation after the long year of studies. This particular year I went with 7 friends and we all piled into a single hotel room. The first night was a bit crowded to say the least even when we split the king beds by pulling mattresses to the floor and utilizing box springs to spread out.

The next night I had the luck of running into a girl I worked with. I'll call her Michelle. She had just turned 18, 2 years younger than me, and a beautiful blond. She was on her Senior trip just graduated from high school. We hung out together for a while, wandering the various hotel parties and strolling the beach. Around 1AM we were both getting a little tired so I told her I was going to find my friends car and give her a ride back to her hotel. Turns out they had left me so she said I could just stay at her room. We went back there and her friends and their boyfriends were already in bed watching TV. We did the old pull the box spring onto the floor and proceeded to try and get comfortable.

While we had both had quite a bit to drink earlier we were both just a little buzzed and soon the intent of going to sleep turned to a little foreplay in the dark. We began by kissing lightly which got more passionate as time went on. She began darting her tongue in and out of my mouth and we both began to get quite warm. I ran my and over her breast and when when she didn't resist I raised her t-shirt nd began to lightly touch and pinch her nipples. I moved my lips to her neck and she began to moan lightly. I worked one of my hands to her mouth to quiet her as we didn't want to disturb her friends. She took mu fingers into her mouth and I moved from her neck to her chest. At this point her nipples were as hard as little pebbles and as I moved to taste her tits she pulled my head back to he face and whispered, "We cant" so we began to kiss again. I continued to touch her tits with my and and slowly worked to her stomach, gently sliding my hands from her chest to her belly button.

At that point I decided to see if I could go further. I ran my fingers across the lace of her panties and she slightly moved her hips upward. I then ran my and across the outside of her panties, searching for her lips but she grabbed my hand again and moved it to her stomach. I continued to gently rub her stomach and slowly worked to the lace border of her panties. I move my fingers under the elastic lace and could feel the edges of the down like hair of her pussy. It felt like she was nicely trimmed since she did have a bikini on when we first crossed paths. I moved my hand a little further down and she stopped me again. At this point I felt like that it wasn't going to happen so I resolved myself to some heavy foreplay.

As we continued to kiss passionately we could here one of her friends slightly stirring from the bed next to us. She whispered to me 'listen" and I could here the unmistakable sound of fingers sliding in and out of a growingly wet pussy. At that point she had only had her hands on my back or stomach but hearing this she moved her hand down and began to rub the outside of my shorts over my cock. I was hard as a rock and while I'm not the biggest in the world it was enough to make her let out a sigh of delight. I thought about doing the same but as soon as my hand got to her stomach she grabbed it with her free hand and began to move it around to her ass. I then began kissing her neck and started to move to her chest. This time she didn't stop me and I began to lick and kiss her tits. They had a few little hairs around the nipples so it was a bit odd for me. And also a bit erotic.

As I sucked on her nipples I could hear the other couples passion rising. In the light glow of the room I could see her hips raised and she was slowly thrusting into her boyfriends fingers. I guess I kind of stopped what I was dong for a second and Michelle rolled over to look. She let out a little gasp and looked back at me smiling. My hand that was on her ass was now being moved to the front of her panties. I ever so lightly ran my fingers over the thin material and down between her thighs just barely missing her lips. She did not resist now so I worked my fingers up to the crotch of her panties and she was soaked. I'd never felt someone so wet. I pealed the fabric aside and began to slide finger in and out. She grabbed my cock so hard it actually hurt. I kept sliding a finger in and out and when I looked next to us, the other girl had now mounted her boyfriend and was slowly riding. She was covered with a sheet but I could see her tits in the low light.

As I watched, Michelle pulled my underwear past my balls and started stroking my dick. I guess since I was still a little drunk I was able to hold back from exploding right there. I then slide another finger into her and she let out a gentle moan. I was fingering her faster and faster and was tasting her tits when she grabbed my head and pushed it down to her stomach. I tongued past her navel and down to her pubic line. She continued to push on the top of my head so I moved lower and began to lick her inner thighs. She was now thrusting her pussy to my lips but I continued to resist. All of the previous road blocks she had thrown up earlier was now my payback. I tortured her for maybe 2 minutes and then move my tongue over her clit. She then out an audible yelp and the other couple began to moan loader. I plunged my tongue as deep as I could and as I did this I was kicking off my underwear with my feet. I love oral so I continued for some time.

At this point she began to reposition her body and we moved into a 69. She tasted my cock with her tongue and then began to take the head into her mouth. I slowly moved my hips up and down, in and out. She was almost in a standing position on her back as she thrusted her hips into my darting tongue. I plunged 2 fingers into her as I took her w

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Notes Young lust on spring break. I'll never forget her or that day.
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