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It was another weird night...

Lots of movement, in the area of the City, that's home to some homeless people, drug addicts, cheap hookers, and every now & then..... ME.

I'd been off work for about 3 months.
I knew that the warmer days were ahead, so I elected to put some of my belongings in my Storage Unit..
As, I'd most likely get evicted?

.... or, skip all the hassle, and just not renew my lease.

I was doing a couple side hustles.
Selling Drugs.

Photography sees more action in the Fall.
Sr. Pics
Family Portraits
Maybe a Wedding?

Those are more of a Summer thing; Weddings

Boudoir Photos would happen here & there...
Mostly to any of my female friends, who didn't have much money.
But, they knew I'd most likely work something out, for those gigs.
And, since I always had a decent amount of Dope in my possession?
They'd request payment that falls under the Category of:
Skin To Win
Fun In The Spun
Ice Cream Socials

Why not?

I mean, I know I can't take what they give me to buy more Dope.
As, my Source is a Male.
(and, I'm not homosexual)

But, I've done Photoshoots, in this area, because of the warehouses that occupy this part of town.
Many, of which, are now abandoned.
Anyone could live for free, in the warmer months, here..
The Police never check here.
Even though they know what's going on.

With the entire world still shaking hands, wiping noses, and swapping spit with a Virus; they stay away from those who camp out, in these Barrio Streets.
Most cops only speak English, Profanity, and some Sign Language...
As the weird nights kept my interest up... I noticed a woman who's been going to a spot that nobody ever went.

Not that any one place was favored more than another?
Most every structure found, here, had places you could go to hide out for months.

There was a "code" if a room, or section of a building was being used, or taken.

This woman was attractive.
I thought she was a prostitute, but, she looked more like a Stripper I used to see up at Sensations Club.
Parkway Tropics, as well.

She was shorter.
Not the most sought after stripper....
But, she had a following.

And.... speaking of following, I decided it was time to hit that Like Button.

I didn't wanna be seen by her.
But, I didn't wanna scare her.

When I get close enough to where she's gonna settle in for the night, I was gonna act like a tweaker who's got a pocketful of Crystal Meth...
To which, I really do.
She was WAY down the Rabbit Hole.

Sublevel 3...
50-60' underneath the streets.
She had somehow gotten electricity to work down here.
Or, she had a shitload of batteries?

Regardless.... I could see that she was wearing a really shirt skirt.
Fishnet stockings.
High heels
Watching porn on a tv
And, she was masturbating, and she had a beanbag...
She was hitting a pipe

Rolling a bowl...

Well, shit... I think I'm just gonna walk up to where she can see me, and hold out the 2 bags I have, that each contain an Oz. of good, nearly 100% pure, Crystal Methamphetamine.

I took off my shirt....
I had brought some items along, that might entice her?

I squirted body oil all over my chest.
Even a healthy squeeze aimed down the front of my pants ...

I took a hit off my pipe.
A BIG hit ...

I was horny.
I was hard.
I was high.

And, I was headed her way.
Stay Tuned for the Conclusion.

As, this segment ends November...
December will start off with a Bang.
Of SOME kind.

Written by bruceknuckle72
Cargado December 1, 2021
Notes Abandoned part of town.
Drug Use.
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