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Your knees are red and slightly burnt from the friction of the floor. Arms behind your back wrapped tight in silk rope, reaching above the elbows and more towards your pulled bare shoulders. Your masscara is tearing down your cheeks joining the wetness from under your mouth and chin. You've been trying to catch your breathe for 60 long seconds, panting and chest pulsating. I have a bone to pick with you, squat down it in front of you, your eyes widen as what can only be described huge rock staring you down points in your face. You can't be sure if it's me as the male has a balaclava over his head. He places the tips of his fingers on your bottom lip gently to give you a false sense of security. Just when you think your safe he thrusts his fingers to back of your throat, holds and says... Tell me you want more.

I can't hear you... I've decided its time to have a little pleasure, a little uncomfort and a little stimulation. I put a bar between your ankles and fasten the buckles with no concern for circulation. Forcing your pussy to the floor, I put a high powered wand pressed against your clit and you flinch and shake. I Stand and circle you to the back, my index finger starts from your neck and slowly makes its way down swishing side to side to side to side whilst you figet, till it reaches your Arsehole. I rub, I tickle, I rub, I tickle and with no warning shove a plug in there. Your eyes open wide with surprise and discomfort, then I slight relief hits you with a blush to follow. It's getting intense now. You can feel the pressure rising, trying to lift yourself but your legs tire and you are forced back to the floor, back on the wand. I circle again, I play with your nipple whilst my other hand thrust back and forth, back and forth in your mouth, giving you no time to breathe and the saliva is dripping from your lips. Relentless I am, your sweetdream and nightmare merged into one I am. I whisper... Do you still want more?...

A sudden explosion of pleasure riddles through your body, everything shakes, your legs, your arse and your tits. Trying to talk, screech and let it all out but you can't your mouth is plugged, your face red and eyes rolling. I unplug your mouth if not for a moment whilst you catch your breath. You think it's over but no it definitely isn't... I force you back on the wand straight away and plug your mouth, this time with my veined, girthy cock. I slide in and out of your mouth deeper and deeper. The noises your making imply your being deprived of air. Wet wet throat. You look up at me in desperation and I spit in your face. Your eyes roll and all you can see is the man in the black hood. Ive gripped your throat and placed my big hand on the back of your head. "your my play thing now". I'm going much faster than I was, all the while the pressure is building, there no need to concentrate its coming no matter what. I rapidly pull out squat down and grip you by the throat. "not yet, only when I say bitch". You hold but your shaking vigously, saliva gushing out you mouth through the middle of your tits. I cup some wipe it on your face, push you down and say "now". The explosion is something of a miracle. Gush gush gush. Your scream "I'm cumming".

Drained, tired, whimpering and shaking your head. You beg me to give you a break, "I'm just getting started" I say with a deep sturn voice. My hand slowly reaches down, finger tips touching the floor my index finger stretches upwards and lightly strokes your clit... Throws down and clicks the wand to a much higher speed. Hands now pressed on your thighs holding you down, gripped with nails dug in, you start to scream uncontrollably, eyes rolling, I ask you to say my name, you can't, I ask you again but this time gritting my teeth, " I can't" you say, I shout "SAY MY NAME" I slap you hard and tell you "you won't know my name and you'll never see my face". The noise of the vibration and your screams are in sync, this is music to my ears. You are now in slight pain from the sensitivity but again you can't help it, it's coming, it's coming, stronger and way more intense than before. My knees are holding your thighs down and I have both hands wrapped around your neck gripping tight, you face red, spitting and slapping you! It's coming, it's coming, IT'S CUMMING! "I'M CUMMING" you scream. Your body is quivering, jolting and sweating, slowly going limp... You say very quietly "please no more" your feeling broken but dazed with pleasure and a slight smile on your face.

Written by bobcatrhino
Cargado December 11, 2021
Notes Rough
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