Vanessa – the Brazilian Latina in Belgrade

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I checked in on one of my crazy trips. I was in my kayak on the Danube and passed by on the way to the Romanian Black Sea in Belgrade. I checked out the floating hostel there. Which one was quite convenient, since I did not have to pack a lot of stuff. I was already on the trip for a while. I enjoyed the Eastern European nature, with not too much crowdedness, the back laid lifestyle of the fishermen. I was camping on the shores of the river. So I was looking forward to some days off, with a proper shower. Maybe even with some companionship with some fellow travellers to bond with. Hence, I crushed into that hostel which was on a boat located at the shores of the Danube.

The guy at the reception already told me, that the dormitory was fully occupied, but another guest was arriving that night, so he would open another room just for us two. Well, I was not expecting anything special, brought my stuff in the room and get ready to meet some friends from former travels on the Danube. The captain of a boat himself and a sailor on a freight vessel travelling up and down the Danube all the way to Germany. I just returned late in the evening and I mentioned that the person, I was sharing my room with, was a girl. I just tried to have a glimpse of her, she was attractive and very dark – not from here, but also not dark enough to be African, more cocoa brown. I mentioned her big nice boobs, her feminine body, with beautiful curves but also tall and the features of her face more European. I travelled a lot, and often I could guess the origin of an exotic person, but this time not.

It was southern Balkan summer and crazy hot, only bearable when one took off as many clothes as possibles. So I was sleeping only in my skintight boxers, which gave an exposed view to my crotch and my cock. I couldn’t care less, that the girl could see that. For her, the situation was far trickier of course. I just learned later, that she spent half of the night at the reception, uncomfortable about the fact to spend the night with a strange male alone in the same room. Only after a while, they managed to calm Vanessa down and make her return to the room. We even interacted when she could not switch on the fan to get some cool air. I in my boxer shorts and she in her hot pants and T-Shirt. The next day she woke up earlier than me, still, I was puzzled about her origin. She was incredibly hot, I sampled her from the corner of my eye.

She returned from the bathroom and took on some lotion. The scent filled the room. She had her back turned to me, so I could not watch when she creamed her chest, only the movements of her arms gave me hints on what she was doing. But the view of her Latina butt and the imagination of how she massaged her boobs with that wonderful smelling lotion turned me on already and made my cock hard. I still continued to pretend that I was in deep sleep when Vanessa was running up and down the room to get her stuff together. I did not even try to hide the big boner under the cotton of my boxers and was sure, she mentioned it. I wonder, if that was the moment when Vanessa decided, that she wanted to get the feeling of getting fucked by this twenty-centimetre stick and his fourteen-centimetre diameter.

Still, there was some work to do, to build up confidence. I had to show her around the city of Belgrade. Well, it was only the supermarket, which was quite a long way to walk. And actually, on our way back we were lost. We were walking around and tried to find our hostel at the big park alongside the Danube. It was hot, and we were carrying some heavy bags. Vanessa was exhausted and we made rest under a tree. We chatted a bit, and at some point, I found it a good opportunity to rest my hand on her thigh. She registered it with a smile and said: „Are you sure, you are not Brazilian?“ I was laughing too and kept my hand where it was, without hesitation I started to massage her leg and looked deep into her eyes. Vanessa let it happen. At one point I leaned towards her and kissed her. It was not a romantic kiss, it was a kiss full of erotic and sexual desire. We both could smell the pheromones in each other’s sweat. I sniffled her sweet female ones, and Vanessa my rough manly ones, that I produced after my days in the wild nature on my boat. These days also brought out my primal instincts once I saw that exotic girl now, I couldn’t hold on to myself and wished to spread my semen into her.

We took a cab back home, and we ended in the hostel room together. I was sitting, offering Vanessa strawberries from my purchases, but also her primal instinct of mating was awakened. While I was sitting on the bed, she presented herself in front of me. Exposing her beautiful boobs to me, to make sure I mention them – maybe with the same intention, I exposed my hard cock to her in the morning – her hips were cycling in her hotpants and the black pantyhose presenting me her readiness to breed and mate. I pressed my face to Vanessa’s belly and started kissing her belly button, started to lick up her belly until her T-shirt stopped me and I couldn’t taste her wonderful cocoa brown skin anymore. I stood up too and I kissed her again. I pressed her face very tight to mine and our tongues were playing, our saliva mixed in our mouths. I combed Vanessa’s hair, the texture of black hair was different and exciting. I felt her feminine soft body close to mine and she the tensed muscles of mine and the boner, that was getting harder and harder inside my pants. Was that her target all the time to cause that big boner with her feminity? The challenge of the day, making me horny for her?

The room was heated up by the Balkan summer sun and our pheromones as well. The room already smelled like sex. Rivers of sweat were draining us, and we hurried to get naked and got to enjoy the view of each other’s naked bodies. Vanessa’s bare huge boobs were shaking with every rough move I played with her body. Even if Vanessa was tall b

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