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3:14 AM

Jon stared at the clock beside him. He slid out of bed, slipped on his black robe, and belted it around his waist. Wearing only his robe and boxers, he went to the front door, opened it, and peeked out.

At the end of the hall, two double doors led to the balcony facing the street. A gust of air forced the door to creak open.

Goddess knew why Jon was awake at this hour. His mind raced with everything from the day’s events to whatever else his mind crammed into it. "Fresh air," the sleepiness from his voice betrayed how he felt.

Sadly, he was wide awake.

Judging by the energy thrumming through his body, particularly his hard cock, he had to find some outlet to put him to sleep. It was too late for the bars, and since he had slept, logic told him he couldn't extend his nightcap.

"Fresh air," he repeated, and stepped out, closed the door behind him and headed towards the balcony.

Once he stepped past the threshold, a blast of wind hit him in the face. He ran a hand through his dark hair, brushing back long strands.

He leaned over the edge, peering down at the street, then back at the sky. The sun would rise in less than half an hour. Jon rolled his shoulders back, clenched his jaw, and closed his eyes.

"Ahem.” A soft, female voice purred behind him.

Jon glanced over his shoulder at the pretty redhead standing before him, hands on her hips. Dressed in a pink cami that fell above her belly button, and a pair of matching boyshort cut panties, she smirked. Her hair appeared tousled, as though she woke from lying in bed all night.

"You," was all he could whisper.

Ariel tilted her head to the side, offering him a cocky grin. She walked closer to him, her breasts bobbing against the stretchy mesh material enough that he could practically see them.

He licked his lips at the dark nipples that pierced the fabric of her top.

Lace outlined the neckline and hem, adding to the already sensuous allure she wore like a second skin.

His mouth watered; his cock hardened further.

She reached for him, touched his shoulder. "Hey," she batted her eyelashes.

The boyshorts rose slightly up her thigh with each step. He swallowed hard. "Hey yourself, sexy. What are you doing up?"

"I could ask you the same thing," she pointed at the bulge beneath his robe.

Sheepishly he grinned, "I was having trouble sleeping and came out here for some fresh air."

She smirked. "Is that the usual cure for morning wood?"

"When it's inspired by you, it is. A cold shower alone won't work." His tone dropped several notches. He winked.

She blinked, and her fingers snaked along the nape of his neck

A shiver coursed through him, and his prick bobbed against the material of his boxers. No doubt he was dripping pre-cum. "You keep doing that and it might land you in a world of trouble." His voice roughened with each word.

Ariel tilted her head the other way, winked at him. Her lips curled upwards in a wicked grin; green flames danced in her irises. "Maybe I want that trouble."

Oh gods, the husky voice she used… Jon stiffened with desire. Every nerve stood on alert while his eyes roamed over her pert body.

She stood on her tiptoes, drawing his head closer to hers.

She'd make a perfect submissive woman if he ever showed her that side.

Soft lips meant for nibbling pressed against his mouth, possessively.

Fingers gripped his hair while she nipped at him.

Her wet tongue plunged between his lips and another hand grabbed the hem of his robe and tugged him forward.

Ariel tasted of exotic spices. Her feminine scent tickled his nose, exciting him further. Jon reached for her, captured her head in his hands and ran his fingers through soft, satiny strands of red hair before pulling back from the kiss and delving in again, controlling the pace and frenzy.

She mewled beneath his skilled touch and opened more for him.

Hands slid down her slender back over the cami until he reached a bow. Pulling back, he looked into half-open eyes, "A bow?"

Her lips curled up again. "Yes, so you can unwrap me."

"I like that. But," his eyes darted around, "Not in the hallway."

"Fine." She snorted and tugged him closer, kissing him once more.

She gripped his cock and moaned into the kiss, sending shivers through him.

He explored her with his tongue, tasting the warm softness of her mouth organ, gliding along her bottom lip, and feeling the gentle nip and suckle of her mouth.

With one hand against the wall, he stumbled, led by his cock, towards her apartment.

She pushed the door open behind her.

It swung with a creak he ignored as he made his way across the threshold.

Her mouth left his, and teeth nipped his neck.

His hands roamed down her slender frame until stopping at the top of her ass. He gave her a good hard squeeze, enjoying the sound of her deeper moan and the firmness of her spankable ass.

"I've wanted you," she panted wantonly, "Since I saw you."

"That makes two of us," he groaned in her ear. The rumble of his chest made her shiver visibly. "Now what?"

One more quick step inside had her back against the wall. Jon trapped her with both hands on each side of her before tapping the door shut with his foot. His eyes narrowed, staring into half-open hazel orbs. "You sure you want to do this?"

He'd given her an out. Just to be polite. Of course, he had no intention of reneging once she said yes.

"I need something to help me sleep, Jon. You're available. And," she licked her lips, "fuckable." She hitched one slender leg around him and pulled him against her.

The incredible heat flowing between her legs would kill him once he sank inside. It threatened to undo him now, and all they had was thin fabric between the two of them.

"Where do you want me?"

Her hand slid down his side, over the front of his chest until her spread fingers left his body. She patted her pussy, "here."

He cocked a brow, off

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Written by saschaillyvich
Cargado December 14, 2021
Notes Sleepless, Jon steps onto the public balcony of the apartment building for a bit of fresh air, only to run into his hot redhead neighbor who seems to share his difficulty in seeking slumber.
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