A Swingers Christmas

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'Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the house.

Not a creature was stirring,
Not even my spouse.

His clothes were all packed, in a suitcase with care,
And he and his bag traveled, afar on first-class airfare.

The children were all staying, at a friend's homestead,
While visions of a sugar daddy, danced in my head.

So alone in the dark, I lay for a nap,
When at the front door, I heard a loud rap.

I sprang from the couch, to see what was the matter,
To find in my doorway, a naked man I knew, his name was Nick Batter.

He's a friend of my husband, and was always quite brash,
He looked me once over, and said, “You have a great ass.”

I bid him to enter, my pussy wetness did flow,
Then I stripped off my clothes, as I watched his cock grow.

An attentive hostess, I offered him a beer,
But he just spun me around, and entered me from the rear.

His thrusts pounded my ass, forceful and quick,
I screamed out loud, “You have a huge dick!”

I thought about my husband, and felt like a vixen,
Because I knew if he were here, he'd want to mix-in.

He plunged his cock deep, I couldn't take it all,
And when he hit my cervix, I thought I would fall.

He turned me around, looking me in the eye,
I said to myself, “What the hell am I doing, fucking this guy?”

He said he's always, wanted for me to screw,
I coyly replied, “Yeah, me too.”

He quipped, “Every move I've made on you, you've been so aloof,”
I replied to him truly, “The extent of your prowess, I needed solid proof.”

His neck I did wrap, my arms around,
His hands under my ass, he lifted me off the ground.

Around his waist, my legs I did put,
With his huge cock in me, the eight inches felt like a foot.

I screamed and yelled, arching my back,
His eyes gazed at my tits, saying, “You have a great rack.”

As he fucked me repeatedly, his expression became merry,
He said with a smile, “You've popped my cherry.”

I curiously queried, “What do you mean, bro?”
He answered quite proudly, “With a married woman, I've never had a go.”

I replied to him frankly, “We're all the same underneath,”
But I don't think he heard me, his strokes didn't miss a beat.

He pounded so hard, he crashed into my belly,
If he kept this up, my insides would turn to jelly.

He drove me backward, my head hit a shelf,
He was nearing orgasm, as I was myself.

My pussy grew sore, along with the ache in my head,
I sincerely wished, we were doing this in a bed.

But the end was nearing, as he continued to work,
He then came inside me, with a shudder and a jerk.

He withdrew his cock, it hung flaccid like a hose,
And looked at me seriously, saying, “Your husband knows.”

“He phoned me earlier, asking me to fuck you gentle,”
“and give you a night to remember, because he won't be resentful.”

“So don't be upset, or take it as a slight,”
“Your husband bids you Merry Christmas, and hopes you had a great night.”

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Written by dirtywriter58
Cargado December 18, 2021
Notes A humorous twist on a classic poem
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