The Hand of Amy

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It is amazing the people you meet in life and the bonds that form from those connection. Amy was no different. We met several years ago when we both attended college. After we graduated we managed to remain in contact and became very good friends. When I became a lecturer in management I would, on occasion, reach out to her for information on vacancies at her organisation to help out any up and coming students I had. She, the HR Professional was never short of advice and guidance to assist. As we communicated we started to share little tit bits about each other’s lives. Over the years she would share more and more detailed information about her life. I obviously asked about her sexual side and her explorations as a single woman in her thirties. She was a bit hesitant at first as she was not accustomed to my openness but after a while her willingness to share some of her exploits became common place.

In this one particular case she told me that she had met a young man in his mid-twenties on one of the popular dating sites. She told me she had “analyzed” his profile and determined that he was a young stud looking to fuck a black girl. He was of a different race and religion and she said she thinks he wants a chocolate fantasy. I jokingly said to her “And who the fuck can blame him, men in their 20’s generally want to taste the rainbow”. Although we live in the 21st century, in a very diverse society old ways of thinking still persist. I tried to explain and bring some perspective of his background, upbringing and beliefs to her but it was difficult for her to relate.

Amy was an unassuming stunner. She was about five six, slim built and fit. She liked outdoor activities so she had very toned legs and ass. Her hair was shoulder length. Her skin was a copper brown, smooth and unblemished. Tits were relatively small, very “cup able” and I would tell her that “What can’t fit in a man’s mouth is wasting”. She would giggle every time I say this but it was my philosophy as well. She told me she wanted to teach this boy a small lesson and humble him a bit. “Bring him back to reality” she said. I just had two questions. “Are you going to suck his cock or fuck him?” She responded “Neither”. “So you just going to play with him?” “Yes” she responded and I could tell her wheels had started turning. I told her to tell me how it goes.

A few weeks on she called and invited me for a drink. I found this request a bit strange but she laughed and said “I have a story to tell and some material to show”. She knew this would peak my curiosity as she has shown me pics of her exploits in the past. Her code word for that was “material”. I laughed and asked her where and when. She said “the sooner the better”. I replied “No time like today”. So we organized to meet after work.

Amy arrived first at the sports bar, because I had an inkling of what she as going to tell me and possibly show me, I told her to get a corner seat with our backs to the wall. As instructed, when I got there she had managed a secluded corner seat to the far end. The location was strategic, as we could see anyone approaching. By the time I arrived she was already seated and she raised her hand as she saw me. As I approached she stood up and I gave her the customary hug and I kissed on her forehead. She smiled and invited me to sit. Without hesitation she ordered two drinks and the waiter scurried off.

We were now seated, relatively alone at the table. She looks over and says “So I have a story, right” and begins to giggle. I replied “I am sure you do”. With my response she burst out laughing and I could tell she was excited to tell me. After composing herself, she continues “Well it’s more like something to show you with some narration in between.” My curiosity vibes kicked in and my heart rate went up. “OK then”, I said as she reached into her hand bag.

She had just enough time to whip out her phone before the waiter arrived with our drinks. He rested them down and asked if we needed anything else. Almost in unison we asked for a menu and told him that would be all for now. As he left she glided her fingertip across the phone to unlock it and tapped it a few times, smirked while she waited and handed it to me and said “Take a look at this”. Without thinking I blurted out “What is this”. I was a bit loud and she started laughing. “Would you just take a look at it” she said. Hesitatingly I touched the soft play button on the screen.

As it started she launched in to a mini narration “So this is the guy I was telling you about”. The video started with a front shot of a person standing in a white towel, clearly a guy, hands on his waist. The range of the shot was from just below his neck to around mid-thigh. From his upper body and arms, the guy was a light brown hue. His physique suggested that he worked out. He was not overly done or bulky but you could tell he worked out and was “ripped”.

As the video continued, a second pair of arms appeared from behind him. With that I quickly glanced across at Amy’s hands, did a questioning nod and she replied “Who the fuck else it would be?” For emphasis I opened my eyes as wide as I could and pretended to pat down the air in front of me and said “OK ok no need to bite now”. I turned my attention back to the video only to be interrupted as the waiter returned with the food menu. I quickly held the phone to my chest, protecting the screen from view. Amy thanked the waiter and told him we need a few minutes to decide. I watched him as he walked away and quickly started back to look at the video.

I saw the second pair of hands start at the upper shoulders and quickly slid down and under the arms to reach around to rest lightly on the his chest. It moved slowly, and deliberately as if its owner was trying to read braille. The fingers glided across his skin starting at the center and pulling lightly back and across. The touches were feathery only pausing at the nipples to add effor

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Notes Older woman teaches younger guy to be more humble.
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