First time

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Sooo only like 3 people really actually know… but my first time ever actually doing anything was with my moms boyfriend (now husband) son. He constantly wore basketball shorts , at night after his shower would come out in nothing but his underwear & often go to the kitchen or bathroom late at night in the same.

This night I was coming back from getting a drink as he was going to the bathroom he walked out right in front of me kinda halfway covered hisself & said “dam I’m sorry sis”
Not thinking & just been my usual joking/flirty self as peoples always said says “trust me boy you ain’t got nothing to be sorry for” and looked straight at it & rolled my eyes up at him.

“Oh really now?” He smiles and looks me up and down, & went in the bathroom.
I go in my room & changing getting ready for bed, headed him come out the bathroom and head towards the kitchen, as he’s coming back I heard him pass his bedroom hurried up and pulled my shorts up, tried to grab a tank top as he walked in, “JARED” immediately by “damn” as I looked down and saw his bulge & some imprint of it thru his boxers.

“I think you like it Ashley “ & I could see him getting bigger

“Honestly, it looks like it’s like really big, but I’ve only seen 3 & they were white guys. So it’s really true what they say about black guys?”

“You really wanna know?” As he takes a few steps toward me, grabbed my arm and guided my hand towards it

I put my hand on it couldn’t even feel all of it, as he grabbed my hips and rubbed up and unsnapped my bra “OMG really?, how big are you?” Pulling his boxers down a little

He takes them off and pushes me towards the bed, as I sit all I see is him him rubbing it and it getting hard, touching my face, then hitting my face “spit on it and play with it”

When I grabbed it & leaned it I decided I wanted to know what a dick even tasted like & trying to be sexy I started at the base & licked up to the tip. Stroked him & my best attempt at a bj until he came

Written by ashleyyy1992
Cargado December 21, 2021
Notes First sexual encounter
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