The Pleasure Mistake

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About 15 years ago my wife and I had been sort of drifting apart and not really communicating anymore. We had been trying therapy but nothing was really working so we were just sort of existing with no intimacy. I came home from work one day and she told me her cousin was coming for a visit. I was fine with that because I knew it would do her some good to have family come stay awhile. Her cousin, I'll call her Amanda, is a very beautiful woman, about 10 years younger than us and was at the end of a divorce. Auburn hair and a trim body. I could also tell her breasts were a bit on the small side but so were my wife's. My wife had the most perfect tits that were well rounded and with nipples that tipped slightly upward. I always referred to them as Playboy tits.

Anyway. I was off from work the day she arrived so we all talked a bit but my wife was being kind of a bitch. Not really acknowledging me and just seemed annoyed any time I spoke. So I took it as a hint and decided to go into the living room and watch TV. After about an hour she came into the room just started fussing for no particular reason about something, I forget. I could tell Amanda was a bit uncomfortable and when my wife left the room I told her it was OK that we were just going through some stuff. My wife basically left her on her own to figure out where to sleep since she was agitated at me over whatever so I told Amanda I would get her some blankets and she could sleep on the couch. She said that was fine and she went to get changed in the bathroom.

I had brought some blankets and pillows into the living room and she comes into the room in some shorts and a t-shirt. I could tell right away she wasn't wearing a bra. I pretended not to notice but when she wasn't looking I would check our her trim body. As she was positioning the pillows and blankets I could tell she wasn't wearing panties either. I could see her nice little ass as she bent over. This made me really hot. I told her goodnight and went to the bedroom. I climbed into bed and my wife was already asleep. I tried to move against her body to see if I could get her to stay close but she just made and annoyed sound and pulled away. So much for intimacy.

So the next day I left for work. I was on the night shift so I would leave around 1 and didn't get home until after midnight. My wife said she and Amanda were going to go out for a while and they would be back late. I said OK and headed to work. I called my wife to tell her I had to stay a little late and she said OK. She said they had met up with some friends and were having some drinks. When I got home they were already in bed. Amanda on the couch and my wife in bed. My wife had sounded pretty nice on the phone so I figured with a few drinks I may be able to get lucky. When I get home I usually will get a little snack before I go to bed but tonight I skipped that and went straight to the bedroom. I took a shower and climbed into bed. Eased up to her and put my arm around her waist. She moved closer to me and this got me excited. She was receptive to my advance so I moved my hand to her breast and began massaging her nipples. Something wasn't quite right. They felt smaller, harder, like a little pebble. My wife's nipples were a little larger. I didn't really think about it and just kept massaging her tits. I then moved my hand down to her panties and pushed my fingers under the waistband. Something else odd. She was clean shaven. That was different for sure. I began to slowly slide a finger across her clit and she instantly was wet...but it had a different feel than I was used to. My wife would be wet sort of like water. This had a thicker texture. That is when I realized Amanda was in our bed and my wife was on the couch.

Now my mind is racing. I don't know what to think. Was I being set up? Was this the plan all along? I had no clue but Amanda wasn't letting up. She reached around to my underwear and started stroking my cock. I plunged a finger into her and she let out a slight moan. She was so tight and wet. I tried a second, a little tough to get in. Wow she is so tight. She is now working her hips against my hand and she then pulls my cock for my drawers. She rolls aver a begins to passionately kiss me. I could taste Margarita on her breath and I could tell she was still pretty high. I briefly felt guilty as she is a bit drunk but by now I'm horny as hell and didn't want to stop. Plus the danger of my wife finding us was a turn-on as well.

She moved her tongue down my chest, to my stomach and then was tugging at my underwear, pulling them down. I raised my ass so she could take them off and she took my cock into her mouth. She took it all at once and I exploded into the mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking. I stayed hard as a rock and grabbed her hips to move her pussy to my mouth. By now I had worked her into a pretty good lather and when her pussy reached my lips I could taste her sweetness. It was unlike anything I had experienced. The thickness of her juices surprised me. I plunged my tongue deep into her and I could feel her walls pulsing around my tongue. I took her clit into my mouth and the juice came out in a gush. It was as if someone turned on a water faucet. It had a thicker texture and a strange taste but it was soo good.

She then moved her body and began sliding her pussy back and forth on my still hard cock. She move it along and around her lips and slowly tried to slide it inside. She was still pretty tight as I was only able to get two fingers in before but after a few minutes she slide completely onto my shaft and began a slow, rhythmic ride. She was so wet now that my cock would slide out but immediately go back in when she moved downward. She got faster and faster and I could feel her pussy walls closing around my shaft. She let out a little yelp and I put my and over her mouth to keep her quiet. Again I felt a gush and this time I could feel it dripping around me. This

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