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Oh my! Jenny thinks. It is really big. Will it fit? Jenny is shy. On her knees just before her bed. Already 21 but still inexperienced, never had sex due to a troublesome childhood. She made a deal with him, her 23 year old best friend. They have known each other for years, she trusts Jake with her life. Jake stands before her, pants down, no boxers. A hard-on already. Average sized in general but his dick, mama mia.... Jenny is amazed.

Jenny says; "ok hold on, let's take it slow." She leans forward, mouth slowly opening. He grins, Jenny backs off immediately. "Don't laugh! It's my first time!" Jake apologizes immediately, he needs this, he wants this "ok..ok.. take it easy. Let's take it step-by-step" Jenny tries again. Mouth opening slowly, leaning forward, getting her lips over his top. It just fits. Now she needs to take it in and get to the shaft. Jenny gets over the top. Her eyes rolling in relaxation. Then she pulls back to breath. Spit all over her mouth. Completely relaxed. Catching her breath. "Mmmm" she says. Eagerness in her eyes, ready for more. much more. Jenny looks to his cock mouth opens again. Jake can't wait anymore, this takes to long. He grabs Jenny by her hair and........

It started a couple of days ago. Jenny got really horny a couple days in a row and couldn't hold it, why she still doesn't know. She just knew that the vibrator nor her magic wand weren't doing it for her like it should. She never had the real thing, it just never happened. Or actually she never trusted anybody to go to the next level. Now she wonders, would the real thing be better? Would it satisfy her? So Jenny struck a deal with her long time friend. He shows his cock and she can try it out, slowly, on her tempo. Next time he can then fuck her. It's probably like striking a deal with the devil, considering his evil grin when Jenny asked him...

He grabbed Jenny by her hair and guided his cock inside her cute mouth. Luckily for Jenny her beautiful fiery red lips are completely wet especially around the edges of her mouth, otherwise they would have been completely torn. Jake moves in and out her mouth, but never completely. Jenny doesn't know what happens but she clearly doesn't mind. Eyes rolling again and the relaxation going through her body. Jenny could never have expected she might enjoy tasting Jake's cock.

Jenny's story is a strange and a sad one. Her mother ran away shortly after Jenny was born. She was raised by her father, who married her current stepmom. However he ran from them when she was only one year old. Her stepmom didn't give up on her luckily, so far the only lucky break she got in life. Her stepmom adopted her. Shortly after that her stepmom married another guy, Jenny's stepdad, together they had a daughter when Jenny was three, Jessy. Jenny and Jessy became inseparable, sharing everything.

Jenny's nipples are getting really hard in the action. They are clearly visible through her shirt since she's is not wearing a bra. She manages to play around with her tongue while Jake's cock moves in and out. Then the relaxation reaches her pussy. She can't help it, she needs to stimulate it. A combination of tension and relaxation is working inside her tight yoga pants. She's getting really wet. Luckily she is also not wearing panties. With her right hand Jenny manages to rip her yoga pants open in the pussy area. An opening is created, with her left hand Jenny touches herself pleasuring herself while his cock us in her mouth. The combination putting a smile on her face. After a couple of minutes of fucking her face, Jake pulls out. He guides her up by putting a finger on her chin. Jenny is standing in front of him. He sees her pants torn and her pussy dripping. They look each other in the eyes. They had agreed to take it slow and keep it only to cock sucking tonight. Tension rising, cock getting harder, nipples getting harder, pussy getting wetter.......

When their eyes crossed, Jenny knew. Fuck the deal. She definitely doesn't want to stop now. It's her first time but it seems that her instinct kicks in taking control. Jenny rises up, pushes Jake on the bed. She gets rid of her pants. She crawls up the bed over Jake. She drops on her knees. Her wet pussy in his face. Dripping in his mouth. "Suck me!" Jenny demands. Her pink, virgin, dripping, soaking wet pussy on his face. He licks and sucks Jenny dry. Well at least he makes the effort for it, but the flow of juices can't be stopped. Jenny feels her hormones racing through her body, so many emotions, tension, relaxation. Is this the her new definition of being horny. It must be next level horniness, if that's even a word. Jenny's body goes crazy, completely out of control. Jake licks, sucks and eats her pussy. Juices flowing. Her long perfectly shaven legs softly around his head, her back hollow, hands in her hair looking to the ceiling, nipples getting so hard that they rip her shirt in pieces. She arches her back even more, sitting on his face. Jenny rips her torn shirt off her body and throws it away. She is completely naked now, her body completely out of control. Screaming and moaning in pleasure. She explodes in his face. Squirting like never before. He gets a full blast in his face. She laughs, happy. Jenny's first time and squirting already......

After getting the full blast Jake takes over. It's his turn now. As Jenny moves her pussy off his face sitting on his chest he takes control and with a swift move gets her on her back on bed. He takes his soaking wet shirt off throws it away. He leans over to Jenny's lips. Pussy juice all over his face. He kisses Jenny, she can taste her own juices. It is so tasteful. As he sticks his tongue in her mouth she feels his hard cock pressing against her belly. He guides her legs shortly on his hips while their tongues are colliding, his cock slithering against around her belly reaching her thighs around her pussy. She licks all the pussy juice from his face. Then

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