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She took the job, granted it wasn’t what she expected when she applied for the position as a cleaner at the new boutique hotel, she didn’t think maid’s still existed, but as things were desperate, and the price of decent BDSM equipment had gone up extensively since the start of the pandemic, she only intended on working as a hotel room cleaner until trade picked back up. After all, she still had bills to pay. However, upon entering the hotel, she found an affinity with the décor, the vibe and when management presented the maid uniform, she couldn’t believe it – it was as if they had stepped into her mind, her fantasies and granted her access to a playroom of her dreams – no, a play-world. The hotel was clearly unique. In every sense of the word; this wasn’t just a hotel offering overnight stays. It offered overnight experiences, no wonder the secrecy behind the job details. She found she was required to wear the sluttiest maid uniform she had ever seen – though she had a few outfits of her own at home, and they weren’t too dissimilar. The uniform and the cleaning hours were presented, along with a tour of the hotel rooms and with every step she took, walking alongside the Hotel Manager, she felt more at home than she often felt behind her own walls. The rules were simple, guests must be happy with everything, every detail; including the appearance of the hotel staff that walked around the building performing their ‘mundane’ hospitality duties. Though there was nothing mundane she could observe in the slightest. She wondered for a brief moment if she was dreaming. It was going to be hard to follow the rules; be seen (very seen) and not heard. Leave everything else to the professional ‘butlers’ that serviced the rooms and the clientele. She took the job, finding it difficult to hide her pleasure and happy surprise at being offered the position.

She arrived the following Sunday, early, and was given her allocated rooms. All of the rooms on the top floor. This was quite a trusted allocation; it did include the penthouse suites after all. Clearly, she had shown she was one to be trusted to act in accordance with the vision of the hoteliers. She wondered what they saw in her, as she had worked hard to hide that secret, illicit part of her…

She opened her locker in the staff changing rooms. Her uniform was hanging there ready. Such a cliché, it was a typical black and white maid’s uniform, with collar and cuffs to match. Lacey, black, corseted at the waist with a small, white satin apron tying at the base of her spine – though the dress was so short, and cut to reveal her naked behind as she worked. The black garter and stockings were obvious and were in stark contrast to the stiff, white underskirt of the black maid ‘dress’. She was lucky she had earned enough to invest in sizeable implants, and her breasts stood proud and high, and as obvious and barely hidden as her stockings. Having seen the uniform previously, she had planned her footwear that morning; and her black platform Mary Jane’s with the obligatory red sole were perfect. And she knew it. She placed the small lace hairband in her hair, allowing tendrils of her long, curly dark hair to fall over, onto her shoulders, falling loose from the ‘up-do’ she had prepared at home, and as a last moment of readiness, gave a fresh coat of her red lip-gloss and a spritz of perfume. She picked up her feather duster and cleaning bucket and opened the door to begin her duties.

It had been a busy morning, with sight of a few patrons, but she had worked hard, cleaning and arranging the hotel suites and with every door she opened, she smiled with the ‘state’ of the rooms. It was obvious that a ‘fun’ evening had been had in every room over the Saturday night. With the empty champagne bottles, sheets in screwed up balls, handcuffs left hanging, and even underwear left strewn across the floor; she distracted herself from her cleaning duties by imagining in detail what had taken place. She fantasised and concocted detailed stories in her mind of the fuck-fests that had taken place in each room. Tiny, intimate details that she busied herself thinking about, giving her ideas to take home to her own clients. As she concentrated on these ideas, she worked hard, lost herself even in the stripping and making of beds, bleaching of bathrooms and emptying rooms of sex detritus but she was doing well for time. As she progressed along the corridor, she heard doors opening and closing, saw the ‘butlers’ coming and going and saw glimpses of customers leaving. Overall, the hotel was quiet, readying itself for the Sunday night residents due to arrive in the next 3-4 hours.

As she opened the door to the next room along the corridor, she took in the now familiar site of towels, lube bottles and lingerie strewn across the floor of the suite. A trail, leading to the double doors of the bedroom off the suite. As she picked up items, throwing them into the hotel garbage bag she held in one hand, she put the bag down on the floor and used both hands to open the double doors of the bedroom, swinging them open and standing and waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dim light in the room. The curtains were still drawn; unusual. It was a penthouse suite, “Nobody can see up here, so why bother drawing the curtains?” she wondered. As she took a few steps deeper into the bedroom, it was then she saw him. Tied to the bed. He was naked, spreadeagled on the bed, his cock just hidden under a thin, black satin sash that appeared to have been thrown over his broad, shaved, ripped torso. He clearly worked out and she could see oil had clearly been involved in the previous evening’s playtime; his chest was slick and she could see the droplets of oil where they had run down the sides of his body and pooled at his sides. Several lengths of oil drops had made their way down his body, and had ran between his legs. He was tied to the bed at the corners (of course, it was a black four po

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Notes A hotel maid gets a shock to see what had been left in the room.
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