Our Dirty Secret

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Every night it was a different man.

I would watch from my bedroom window while she was fucked six ways from Sunday.

At only eighteen years of age, she seemed to have screwed more people than I possibly even knew in my entire life.

I never tugged on my cock no matter how bad I wanted to. It would be rock hard, throbbing with the pulsating need to be inside of her, but somehow, watching had always been enough.

For now.

I flattened the palms of my hands on either side of the wall, while I waited for tonight’s conquest to show up.

Tense seconds turned into minutes, then into hours, and her usual eight o’clock fuck still hadn’t shown up.

But the lights were off in her house, so it made me wonder if maybe she had taken the show on the road for the evening.

Fuck, I thought with a sigh.

I guess tonight, I would be relegated to watching the basketball game on TV instead of punishing myself but watching her getting plowed and not allowing myself to come.

I raked my hand back through my hair, pushed my flaccid cock back into my sweatpants, and headed for the living room.

Tonight was going to be a lonely one.

“Goddammit,” I grumbled as I knocked the bowl of popcorn onto the carpet.

I dropped down to one knee and started to pick up as many as I could before I knew I would have to run the vacuum cleaner to get the rest.

A knock on the door made me roll my eyes as I blew out my breath and got to my feet.

I reached for my t-shirt and tossed it on the remaining mess, then made my way toward the front door.

“Who is it?” I called out, my hand on the sliding, chain lock.

Knock, knock, knock.

“That’s not an answer,” I responded with a laugh.

“Can I come in?”

My eyebrows raised curiously.

There was someone on the other side of the door who shouldn’t be here, and I had seen crime documentaries that started this way.

But I shrugged, slid the lock, and left the chain still in place, as I cracked it open. I reasoned that if someone was stupid enough to try to break into my home, they’d get what was coming to them.

I closed the door almost immediately after peeking out into the night air, my heart racing in my ears.

An amused laugh, muffled through the wood door, and I licked my lips nervously.

Clearing my throat, I removed the chain and pulled the door open all the way this time, stepping aside, and giving my visitor a nod.

I sat on the other end of the couch, desperately trying to keep the distance between us as I did my best to focus on the half-time show.

I felt her eyes on me every now and again, and it made me feel slightly uneasy.

“Why are you sitting all the way over there, Tanner?”

Her tone was teasing, cool, calm, and collected. It only made me feel even more nervous.

“Just watching the game, Seiko,” I stammered.

“Is it better than watching me?” she cooed, moving closer to me on the couch.
I cleared my throat but didn’t reply.

Seiko was family.

My father married her mother and lived happily ever after, while I faded into the background and became second best.


Being attracted to her was something I couldn’t help.

Her almond-shaped, light brown eyes, her delicate black hair, that she liked to curl, the curves of her naturally tan body—there was nothing about her that I could find fault with.

But it was when she was stripped of her clothes, watching her luscious ass being rammed, her huge tits bouncing in ecstasy, that always kept me captivated.

“No,” I finally relented as I stole a glance at her.

She grinned at me knowingly, “I like it when you watch, Tanner. It’s why I always open the curtains.”

I let my eyes trace the curves of her body, before I raised them to hers, then shrugged.

“Good to know.”

Seiko chuckled.

My attention went back to the screen in front of us, but out of the corner of my eye, I watched her as she got to her feet, then looked up when she stood right in front of me, blocking the view.

“But I’d like it better if you fucked me,” she said as she lowered herself to her knees.

A breath hitched in my throat as Seiko’s tongue trailed up and down my shaft.

Leaning to the side, I watched as she sucked my cock with a vigor I had never encountered before. I reached for one of her tits, squeezed it roughly, then tugged on the nipple as hard as I could.

She yelped, but it caused her to suck my cock harder, faster … sloppier.
“Just like that, baby,” I ground out as I pulled on her nipple again. “Get that cock nice and slick.

Seiko grabbed my balls and tugged on them, causing me to grunt in pain, but goddamn, I never knew how good that could fucking feel.

“Do it again,” I commanded in a bated breath, and she pulled harder.

I pushed down on the back of her head, forcing my cock to hit the back of her throat, then laughing quietly when she gagged.

When she tried to pull away, I pushed down again, and forced her to take it all the way.

Seiko began to slap at my thighs in surrender, which is just what I had been waiting for.

Now I would give her what she came over for.

I pried her ass cheeks apart and began to tease her hole with the tip of my tongue.

She mewled, moaned, and began to rub her clit viciously.

I kept working her hole, making it nice and slick, making it open, then slid a finger inside.

“Oh fuck, Tanner,” she moaned.

Just like the whore I knew she was.

I assaulted her hole mercilessly with my finger before I slid another one in. A quick glance at my step-sister and I saw her face starting to turn crimson.

“Had enough already?” I taunted as I pulled my fingers out and gave her ass a slap.

She shook her head as she kept rubbing her clit. I grabbed her by the hips, rested one of my feet on the couch next to her knee, and lined up the head of my cock with her tight, little asshole.

I pushed into her without warning, and she let out a strangled noise.

I ground my teeth together

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