A Superman

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Her heart was pounding. Even if I didn’t have super hearing I’d be able to hear it. I heard it pounding before when I saved her and the airplane full of passengers as it plummeted to the ground until I grabbed it and brought it down to the ground below. All of the passengers and crew thanked me for saving their lives. I told them it was my pleasure and flew off. But she reached out to me. She wanted to thank me “personally.”
I landed in front of her with a friendly smile.
“You wanted to see me…” I pause. Pretending to forget her name. I knew it but I want to play coy with her.
“Megan,” she says smiling to me. “Yes. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I wanted to thank you.”
“You don’t have to thank me,” I say. I don’t do what I do for reward or thanks. I would just leave it at that. But I know how she wants to “thank me.” Her heart is pounding. Not from fear but excitement. I can smell her sweet scent as Megan begins to sweat. Her vagina is so moist, I can taste it on the air.
“I know but still…”her voices trails off. Megan is wearing an incredibly thin dress. Her nipples are rock hard. I can see them perfectly without X-ray vision. I feel my red tights get tighter as the fluid rushes to my penis and I decide to indulge her.
I place my hand on her shoulder, I stare at her deeply. I then push her, turning her around. I can see all of her. She has a large tattoo of a jellyfish on her back shoulder leading down her back. She shivers as my hand runs over it. Tracing its long tentacles down, down to her round ass.
I wrap my hand around her body and take off. She gasps as we fly up, allowing the clouds to seclude us.
Megan is scared, she was not expecting to be pulled from the earth so I understand.
“It’s ok,” I say. I run my hand over her soft face. I pull her to me and kiss her. Her arms wrap around me, but her heart beat changes. I can feel it going from terror to elation as we kiss. I pull her away and lift her off my body. With my free hand I snap the straps of her dress. Letting it fall to the ground. I drink her in. Her naked body in front of me. My hand examines her, studying her. Feeling her soft breasts and lightly tugging on her hard erect nipples and squeezing her round supple ass.
I lower back to my body. Im laying and her naked body is straddling me, keeping her in the air. My hands grab her ass and slide her forward until her sweet dripping pussy is on my lips.
Megan leans back, gasping as my tongue probes her. She screams as I flick her clit. I feel her lean back and begin to stroke my cock. Her hand reaches beneath my pants and she grabs my thick hard cock and starts to stroke it.
I keep licking her pussy. Lapping up Megan’s juices like a thirsty animal. She legs squeeze my head as she begins to breath deeper and hard.
“Oh fuck,” Megan gasps as my tongue probs her. My finger reaches around and slowly rubs her tight asshole. She grips my cock and squeezes my head with her legs as she begins to cum. Over and over. Her squirt pours out of her and gushes down.
Megan lays down on my body. She’s gasping, trying desperately to compose herself. After a few minutes I feel her wiggle her body.
She slides down me and once again Megan’s legs are wrapped around me. I feel her soft warm pussy slide down on my throbbing hard cock.
My hands grab Megan’s waist and I feel her begin to ride me. The two of us begin to fuck, floating above the earth. Megan leans her head back and screams as my hand squeezes her breasts and my hard thick cock penetrates her.
I feel her pussy quiver on my while my cock causes her to have another screaming orgasm.
She pulls me out of her and lays down on me. She spins around and I feel Megan’s mouth wrap around my shaft. I run my hands over her legs and her ass as my cock goes down her throat.
“I want your cum in my mouth,” Megan says taking a moment to stoping sucking my cock. “I want to swallow all of your cum!”
“Ok,” I gasp this time as Megan’s head bobs up and down on my swollen dick. I can feel my cock build up with cum. She works my shaft with her mouth and her hands. Stroking and sucking me.
Until finally
I cum.
So much cum.
Her hand pushes between us and she rubs her clit as my cum pours down her throat like a faucet turned on.
“Fuck!” She lets out. As my cum still fires out. Coating her face and tits.
I smile as I watch her collect my cum on her finger and put it in her mouth.
I return her home, naked coated in my warm cum.
I’ll need to save her life more often!

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Notes A woman thanks a hero.
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