Dirty Little Secret

Story 1: Chapter 1 - ‘April’ 1998
  • Story 1: Chapter 1 - ‘April’ 1998
  • Story 2: Chapter 2 - May Day
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Another boring, but lucrative, day was drawing to a close, most of the staff had gone home, no customers lingering about, just Joe, his Secretary, Becky, and her boyfriend, Luke were left behind. Soon they would be gone too, leaving Joe to lock up.

Sure enough, Luke popped his head round the door. “You ready babe?” He called.
“Don’t call me ‘babe’, in the office!” Joe replied. He loved to wind people up, having a laugh made the day pass by a lot quicker!

“Nice one, Boss!” said Luke. “I’ll get you next time!” and with that, he and Becky left with a cheery “See you tomorrow, Joe!” as they walked out.

He tidied up a pile of paperwork, well sort of, isn’t that what secretaries are for? At least it should be, but Joe always had an eye for the ladies and Becky was more office ‘decoration’ than office organiser, and she knew it! Before Luke joined the workforce, Joe used to enjoy many, after hours, ‘administrative’ sessions with her!
That sofa in the Client Waiting Area of Joe’s office took a heavy pounding on several occasions! Thank goodness the leather cover was easy to clean afterwards! If only the customers knew what had taken place just a few hours before they parked their sweaty backsides on it. That thought always brought a smile to Joe’s face, the clients imagined he was just being friendly, but he knew the real reason!

They both knew it was just ‘a bit of fun’, and when Luke arrived on the scene, it wasn’t long before Becky had found a younger ‘stud’ to satisfy her needs. Joe wasn’t old, well not by his standards, but he did sometimes need a day or two to recover! Becky could keep going for, what seemed like hours, and they both understood that this was never going to be a long-term thing.

Happy memories, though, and she still flirted with him, giving him a ‘flash’ of her panties when sat at her workstation or leaning over his desk to point out something, knowing full well that he was getting a glorious view right down her blouse. On really hot days she dispensed with her bra, sometimes even her knickers, which would leave Joe with a massive boner, unable to stand up in case anyone else noticed!
One memento that he would always treasure was the private Callendar that she agreed to pose for. Joe had always been a keen amateur photographer, and his old collection of suppliers’ examples had given him many ideas for poses and backgrounds. If only his customers knew what had taken place in, on and around their vehicles!

Of course Becky had posed in ways that no commercial business would ever have hanging on their walls! Some of the shots included Joe as a willing ‘participant’ and he promised her that nobody would ever share their secret.

As the sound of Luke’s car faded into the distance, Joe unlocked a drawer in his desk and pulled out his ‘special’ Callendar. Looking at these images brought back wonderful memories of the evenings spent with Becky as she draped herself over cars and garage equipment. He flicked through the pages and stopped at one featuring Becky and an assortment of tools. She was sitting on the bonnet of a classic Firebird, wearing a wet and torn t-shirt, her ample bosom filling it to bursting point. Her nipples were hard, pushing out the thin fabric as if trying to escape their confines. One leg was laid along the bodywork the other pointing up towards the ceiling. Both her hands were firmly locked around the shaft of a torque wrench, but only half of it was visible, the other part was pushed hard up inside her dripping pussy. Joe remembered that she had just experienced a massive orgasm, the evidence was there to see as she had squirted her juices all over the bonnet of this beautiful car. Such lovely memories!

Another page showed Becky inside a different car, a custom model with many unique features. The gear stick was a thick, chrome shaft with an 8-Ball mounted on top. Mounted on top of that was Becky! Completely naked, her massive tits covered in oil, her hair all over the place, greasy hand prints (not hers) on her body and Joe’s spunk dripping off her chin!

With a huge sigh he put the Callendar back in the drawer, turned the key and sat back in his chair. Even though he had enjoyed making that memento, he always felt that there was something ‘missing’! Something that could turn a photo into a fantasy. The ‘X’-Factor, or should that be ‘Sex’-Factor’? It was that elusive element that he just couldn’t capture. Always, in the back of his mind, was that image from 23 years ago. That day he turned over a page and April was revealed. Not just the month, but the stunning beauty that was to be on his wall for the next 30 days!

He opened another desk drawer, lifted up some files and there it was. A Callendar from a long time ago, a bit dog-eared in places, but still in fairly good condition. He opened it to the 4th month, and there she was. April, if that was indeed her name, sitting astride a Harley in the doorway to a garage, long flowing red hair cascading over her upper body, wearing a lace trimmed summer dress made of the sheerest white cotton, unbuttoned to the navel, her breasts barely covered, with a nipple just visible as the breeze blew the garment open. It was the sort of image that made him feel as if he had stumbled upon her, by accident. In a moment she would see him, quickly pull her dress together, make some embarrassed comment and turn to go!
That was the ‘story’ this picture told him, but it wasn’t the unfinished nature of the ‘event’ that drew Joe to this lady, it was her beautiful eyes. They seemed to talk to him, to look straight into his soul, to be trying to tell him something. Something he needed to know. Something that would change his life, forever!

Of course, he knew this was all in his head, just a fantasy, a complete figment of his imagination, but still she ‘called’ out to him in some enchanting way! He could stare at those eyes forever, transfixed, bewitched, in an erotic dream, which was exactly what

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Written by meatybeaty1305
Cargado December 30, 2021
Notes Joe’s Auto-repair business was always busy. The money was good and there were the odd ‘perks’ that helped to brighten the days.
One of those little treats was the annual Calendars that his suppliers gave out. Every month a new girl to gaze longingly at.
Then, there were the delivery girls! Oh those delivery girls! Many of them only got the job because of their looks!
Then, one day, a new girl arrived, and Joe’s life would be forever changed…
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