Renay's stress relief

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There she was. Standing on the balcony of their hotel room. The wind in her red hair, enjoying the sun on her face. Allen surprised Renay with a weekend in Florida. Renay enjoyed every second of the moment on the balcony. Wearing a sundress and more importantly a smile on her face. After putting the suitcases in the room Allen walked behind Renay on the balcony and hugged her from behind giving her a kiss on the cheek. "What do you think babe?" he whispers in her ear. She turns around wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him on the lips. Then she connects her head with his head looking him in the eyes "thank you babe, nobody knows me better then you. I really needed this break" she says. Allen kisses her back then moves his head next to her and hugs her. "You deserve this babe" he says. He looks to over the balcony. There's a whirlpool... He smiles as he has Renay in his arms. Renay didn't know that there is something happening at the whirlpool tonight.....

Renay is a single mom when Allen started dating her, back in the day. She had the courage to take care of the little girl of her ex when he abandoned them. Although there were a lot of struggles Renay and Allen hit it off, they got married and officially adopted the girl. Then Allen knocked Renay up by accident. They called it their love baby. They have been really happy the last eighteen years as a family however times have been rough and money has been rare. Holidays were a luxury and therefore never accessible. Allen received a bonus this year and instead off saving it or spending it on the kids he decided this was the time to give themselves, but especially Renay, a break. Renay had been really tense lately and she could definitely use a break and maybe, just maybe he could see a longtime fantasy come true. He never shared that one with Renay, cause it has been so out of character for her...…

Today was exhausting. Allen can see that this get-a-way brings energy to Renay. Her bright smile is amazing and innocent. "Babe I think it's too much to dress up tonight, do you mind if I just order room service today?" Allen asks "maybe after that we can visit the whirlpool downstairs to close out the night together" he continues. As the word "whirlpool" comes out of his mouth, Renay lights up "really a whirlpool babe, that's awesome. I've never been in one before" Renay says being all excited. After a while room service comes in with a terrific meal. "Hold on chap, let me get a tip for you" Allen says as the guy bringing over dinner is leaving. He gives the guy a tip then whispers in his ear "you might wanna tell your friends there's going to be a conservative, gullible MILF in the whirlpool tonight desperately in need for some stress relief" then he closes the door as the guy leaves. Allen knew the guy was a football player and was with a teammate and two cheerleaders in the hotel...…

After having a wonderful meal and plenty of wine it was time to get ready for the whirlpool. Renay jumped up and got ready. She decided to wear her pink bikini, you could see that she was really conservative, covering her boobs completely with the top and bottoms that covered her complete ass. Not really the sexy, almost-no-fabric kind of bikini which are mainstream nowadays. However this fits her character and makes her sexy in her own way with that cute innocent look. Allen was really tired and had difficulty standing up and getting changed. "Babe you go ahead I'll join you in a couple of minutes. "Let me clean up here first" Allen said laying on the couch. Renay was a bit disappointed but nevertheless this wasn't going to break her spirit. She jumped up, obviously a bit tipsy from the wine, kissed Allen on the cheek. "See you in a bit honey" she said and walked out, three stories down to the whirlpool. When Renay got outside of the room Allen quickly cleaned up dinner and positioned his camera on the balcony focusing on the whirlpool, hiding it a bit so Renay couldn't see it. The camera was kind of high, tech and he tagged Renay so he camera will keep tracking her whatever she does as long as it is in the frame. He started a local stream on the big screen tv in the master bedroom of the hotel. Could this be the day his fantasy came true. He saw Renay walking to the whirlpool and taking a seat in the whirlpool. Stretching her arms over the edge of the whirlpool smiling and enjoying the warm weather, looking up to a clear sky full of stars. The water was flat, the bubbles hadn't started yet. The bubbles would start on a timer set by the hotel. Little did Renay know, Allen had arranged to have the controls.....

Renay's phone which was on the edge of the whirlpool started buzzing. Allen is texting her. The message says 'hey babe I am feeling tired from the trip. I am sorry but I am really beat. Please don't mind me and enjoy the whirlpool. I really don't want to spoil your evening.' Renay is surprised and looks up at the room, cause she can see their room from the whirlpool. Allen sees on the screen that she is watching and at that time he turns the lights off. Renay is kinda disappointed and wants to go out but then two tall guys arrive on the scene. Both really fit with six packs and wearing shorts. Without saying anything the join Renay in the whirlpool. As conservative as Renay is she shrinks and doesn't know what to do. On top of that two girls jump in, their breasts barely covered with tiny strings just enough fabric to cover their pussies. Renay shrinks even more, covering herself even more keeping her legs tight to each other. Off course Allen is watching everything from the hotel room and understands it's time to turn the whirlpool on. First low gear. Bubbles start to appear. It makes Renay feel better, she drops her shoulders and arms under water to hide her body. Her face relaxes a little bit, she feels safer now, since they cannot see her, in her mind, half naked body through the bubbles. After a minute a shy smile appears on her f

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Notes Renay is in desperate need of stress relief, she just doesn't know it herself. Allen takes her on a surprise weekend trip in Florida. Maybe he will find an opportunity to make his long lasting, almost forgotten, fantasy come true....
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