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The beer was stronger in Scotland than Jennifer was used to. She took a glass of ice water and chugged it. She had stopped drinking a while ago but still had a small buzz going. She was sitting in a strange mans apartment, next to him on the couch. The two had met at the bar earlier and began talking. She enjoyed his thick Scottish accent and his fire red hair and beard. Jennifer wasn’t used to going home with strange men but she was on vacation. He was solid, built like a lumberjack, when he placed his hands on her back it felt like it covered her entire back. He was strong, a work of fiction dressed in a button up shirt and red kilt. The two joked about him in his kilt and her in her dress. “You don’t wear underwear in a kilt.” He laughed. “ if you do it’s a dress.”
“ I guess I’m wearing a kilt too.” She laughed.

The night continued until she found herself here.
“Do ya need another water?” He asked
“No. I’m good,” she smiled back.
He caressed the side of her head; running his giant hand through her hair.
“Are you good?”
“You’re welcome to find out,” she said bitting her lip.
He leaned into her and began to kiss her. One hand on the back of her head while the other slowly ran down her body. His hands grasped her breasts. Hard enough for her to let out a moan into his mouth. It continued down, to her crotch and he began to slide his large hand beneath her dress. His fingers rubbed her bald vagina. Sliding them up to her clit where he pressed it and rubbed it.
Again she moaned.
Her hand was running through his fire read beard and the other went down his muscular chest and then beneath his kilt, she wrapped her hands around his swollen shaft. The girth of it felt like a small tree as she began to slowly run her hands up and down the shaft.
Her breath came out in short gasps as she felt his finger slide inside of her. His finger pushed itself deep into her and then out. It was bigger than most penis she had.
Oh fuck. She moaned out loud. Her hands grabbed his balls and then stroked his shaft.
Eventually she was paralyzed by his finger. Her hand covered her mouth as it penetrated her. He removed his finger and stood up, pulling his kilt up to reveal his long thick throbbing cock.
He opened her legs, spreading her wide.

She looked at that monster cock, it’s head dripping with precum.

I don’t think I can do it,” she said.

He took has hand, wrapped it around her throat, and moved her head. Looking her in the eye. “I thought you said you were good?”

Jennifer opened her legs as much as she could. She closed her eyes as she began to feel him snake inside of her. She gasped and moaned as his large penis penetrated her. Soon the pain subsided and she was just left with ecstasy as she heard her pussy smack against his hard cock with every thrust.

She dug her fingers into his back, drawing blood, as he pounded her. He looked down at her, into her eyes as he grunted.

He pulled himself out of her, and laid down on the floor. Jennifer quickly removed her dress and slide him back into her.

She bounced on his swollen shaft as he reached around and grabbed her well toned ass.

He watched her breasts bounce as she rode him. His large thumb began to push on her clit. Rubbing!

“FUCK!” She let out! She could feel it, her orgasm built into a massive movement inside of her. Ready to be released.

Jennifer threw her hair back and screamed as her body shook. He did he the same and she felt his cum spill inside of her.

His hands were clasped to her thighs as she came again, with his hard cock still in her.

He caressed her face and asked “only two?” But the wave hit her a third time.

So hard that she lost her balance and begin to fall backwards, his dick still inside of her.

He caught her, slide out and laid her on the couch. He looked down at her, panting, desperately trying to catch her breath. He looked at her moist dripping vagina. Their fluids mixed together as they escaped her body.

“You were right,” he said. “You are good”

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Notes Jennifer makes a friend in Scotland.
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