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Love Sounds, Smart Girl Mafia Series, Book #4


I don’t do risky or complicated in my romantic relationships. And I tried with all my might to let Emma leave earlier.

But there is something about her.

Like Reading Rainbow, she piques my curiosity. I sense a new world opening. In the last pew of my mind, I think she might be the more I’ve been seeking.

I retrieve a white mug from the kitchen and a travel-sized bottle of no-tears shampoo from my brown leather toiletry bag. Hair washing is my thing.

Even if it’s been difficult to meet a woman I’m attracted to, who also identifies as a little, I can usually find a submissive who enjoys me shampooing her hair.

I return to the bathroom and sit on the edge of the tub. In just a few hours, Emma’s cartoonish cute has transformed into womanly beauty.

I know from her dating profile she’s 5’1”, but her personality makes her seem taller. In this tub, surrounded by only a few remaining bubbles, she appears just as tiny and mighty. Slender build. Medium skin with golden undertones. Pert breasts with brown taut nipples. Full brows with an elegant arch. A straight nose with a full flare. Heart-shaped lips. And without her big blue glasses blocking my view, I notice a profound awareness creases the corners of her brown eyes.

“Are you fine with red, yellow, and green as our safe words?” I ask, slowly unraveling the ties from her thick ponytails.

“Yes, but since you don’t engage in impact play, I probably won’t use them.”

I place the blue hair ties on the edge of the white tub. I drag my fingertips from the front of her hairline to the nape of her neck.

“Oh, Will. That’s so good,” she gasps.

Self-satisfaction curves my lips.

Her head falls forward. Goosebumps pebble her skin, and her nipples beg for my touch. I glide one palm over her soft hair, tilting her head backwards. Offering a preview, my fingertips gently knead her scalp. Emma’s guttural moan sends currents of arousal throughout my body. Her hand grips the side of the tub, and she closes her eyes.

Taking care of a woman in this way gives me life.

I scoop water over her crown until every strand is completely wet. After pouring half the bottle of yellowish shampoo in my palm, I lather her hair until white suds form. I love the weight of her mane in my hands.

Using rhythmic circles, I massage her scalp. Applying pressure to all the points, my fingertips soothe and caress. This is not a practice in good hygiene. This is play. And I will not stop until this little lady with the hummingbird tattoo is cracked wide open and pleading.

My touch— precise and commanding. Therapeutic and stimulating. Powerful and controlled. Emma shifts to her knees and leans into my hands. I continue to massage and lather her hair until the inevitable happens.

Emma moans loudly. Her smoky voice echoes over Chopin’s “Nocturne No. 9 in B Major, Op. 32 No. 1.” She glides her hand over her slight thigh to her center covered in a landing strip of dark hair. I expect her to dip a finger in between, and I’m prepared to reprimand her for not asking for permission but Emma, fucking Emma is… amazeballs.

She clears her throat and licks her bottom lip. “You’ve definitely perfected your technique. But this could be better.”

I’m glad her eyes are still closed because I can’t fight a wide smile even to save my own life. Slowing to soft strokes, I collect myself.

After a deep breath, I ask: “What would make it better?”

Her little side leaps to level ten.

“It would be better if your dick was in my mouth, Excellent Daddy.”

My throbbing erection leaks at the mental picture of her pink mouth wrapped around my length. Arousal draws all awareness from my mind, and it takes a moment to remember how to play... how to be a dominant.

“Are you asking for permission?”

Lids with thin lashes flutter open. She turns her head just enough to eye-fuck me like I’m the top contributor to her Only Fans page.

“Do I really need to ask for permission?”

I shake my head. This little plays to win.

Emma turns toward my erection. I stop massaging her scalp. My hands remain buried in her hair while she settles in and reaches for my waistband. My cock springs free. Ready.

“Well, you definitely uphold the stereotype,” she purrs with a soft giggle before slathering her tongue all over my dripping tip.

Frozen in place, nothing else exists but her tongue. After several skillful slashes, I’m nearing my edge.

Emma lifts her head.

“This will be even better for you, Excellent Daddy, if you continue working your magic on my scalp.”

She’s all smiley and cute, topping from the bottom. I don’t mind it. This is exhilarating. I feel like I’m thirteen again, receiving my first blow job in the snack closet at Bible study camp.

I mentally recite the first few lines of Ephesians to slow down the waves of pleasure plumping my shaft. My fingertips find a new rhythm in her hair.

Emma welcomes my entire dick into her mouth, her hands rubbing my thighs. I groan, bucking my hips. Stretching up and down my length, she gracefully exceeds all expectations. Emma is the girl who goes above and beyond, earning gold star after gold star.

Kneading her scalp, her husky moans hum around my cock. I thrust into her mouth again and again. The deeper I massage her hair, the deeper she allows me in. My balls tighten, and I hang on just enough to find my voice.

“I’m close, Emma.”

She works me over a few more times. Pulling away, she rests her smooth cheek against my thigh.

Moving ever so slightly, she nuzzles her soapy hair against my erection over and over. Lost in my pending orgasm, it takes a moment to figure out what she wants…
It’s something I’ve always craved but never felt close enough to a woman to ask for.

“Go for it, Will.”

With her dark strands weaved through my fingers, I palm my cock. Her bangs are just long enough for one full loop. A

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Written by Amiee Smith
Cargado January 7, 2022
Notes Love Sounds.
Emma Liu.
30 years old. Chinese American. Brown University graduate. Former professional cellist. Currently working on an MBA. Sagittarius. Born and raised in Oakland. Seeking a caregiver daddy for a LTR leading to marriage and . Liberal. Interests: entrepreneurship, singing gospel songs, making friendship bracelets, coloring, and being the best at everything.
I’m an ambitious little lady.
But I often leap before I look.
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