A night to remember

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It had been months since we saw each other, through illness and the holidays we barely spoke to each other, eventually after New year I had time to get myself together and started texting my lecturer friend, it was nice just talking like normal and nothing flirty, he told me he wasn't in the mood and I said the same so it was all fine, nice to laugh at shitty jokes and talk about everyday life.

2 days ago I woke up to a text from him which was surprising, until I realised he sent it at 430am and it was now 9am....."hey... I'm outside in the car... please come out x" my heart skipped a beat and instantly thought the worse, I looked out the window and never saw his car so I called him, no answer, I'm a worrier so I couldn't stop thinking the worse. I tried again and still nothing so I text him, "hey, tried calling you twice after I just saw your text, I was sound asleep and didn't hear my phone, let me know you're ok x"

I was pacing in my mind until lunchtime and thought fuck this i need to check in with him, I wore my leggings, tshirt and baggy jumper with my biker boots and got a taxi.

When I arrived his car wasn't in the drive but on the street which was weird for him, I asked the taxi driver to wait 5 minutes and then leave just incase he wasn't home, I rung the bell and within seconds the door was opened but he looked rough,"what the fuck has happened?" I said looking at him but disgusted actually, he let me in and didn't say a word, his living room was a mess with papers again and smelled like a brewery, "what in the fuck is going on here? Has something happened to you?" As I turn round and looked at him he has been crying, his face puffy and I just cuddle him, I cant be upset or annoyed at him.

"I was working on the classes and getting ready to start back, I received an email saying that an anonymous person had reported that I had been in a relationship with a student last year and it was brought to there attention, I've been fighting with the college for 2 weeks and they've sacked me...." he says this and looks me in my eyes and he's hurting, I just hold him in my arms and I want to make him feel better but he won't let go of me either, "is this to do with me?... or someone else?" I asked timidly hoping he doesn't get annoyed at me, his hold on me gets tighter and then he looks down at me, "its because of you and only you... I've never done this before and it's made me very angry and upset but I'm not aiming any of it at you and I want you to know this ok!" Hes strict but calm in a weird way.

We sit down and chat about what happened and who he thinks it was and why say it now when I've not been his student for months? I help him tidy up and he tells me that he was upset yesterday about it all so he was drinking then went out and when he got back home he couldn't stop thinking of us so got in his car to see me thats why he text me so early, I was more pissed off that he was in the car after he had been drinking and I told him that to.

"Lets go for food tonight, my treat, some drinks if you want or not and then see what happens, sound good?" I tried to lighten the situation, he said he was up for it but obviously needed to get cleaned up, "well I'm going to go a get ready and organised so I'll phone you when I'm heading into town, be good" I hug him tight and kiss him on the cheek before I leave.

As soon as I get in, I get the shower running, get stripped off and make sure I am scrubbed, shaved and smelling amazing from top to bottom, I wrap the towel round my hair to dry and walk about naked while I find something to wear, I pick out a nice strapless emerald coloured dress with my black strappy heels and matching underwear, I moisturise and get ready, I grab everything I need and put it in my hand bag and I head out.

I phone him when I get into town, "hey I would love it if you could meet me were we had our first date, that ok?" I try and sound professional for some reason but I end up giggling, "hey, i would love to, I'll be there in 10 minutes I'll meet you outside".... he hangs up and I keep walking with a big smile on my face. I'm standing outside the restaurant waiting on him to appear when I see him pull up in his car, he rolls down the window, "would you like a ride?" He has a smirk on his face, I start to giggle nervously and head over, he gets out and opens the door for me and I can feel myself blush.

" I know you wanted to treat me today which I'm grateful for, but i want to surprise you" he says so happily and he seems a lot lighter from earlier, we end up back at his... we walk to his front door and he leads me inside, as soon as the door closes hes at my back dangling an eye mask in front of me, I start laughing and just nod my head, I hold it over my eyes as he ties it, he runs his fingers down my bare arms and holding my waist I let out a wimper already. He takes my hand and makes me walk, I feel the ground change beneath my heels and we are in his living room, something smells sweet and he keeps running his fingers along my skin, he takes the mask off my eyes and tells me to look, there is roses and cushions laid out on the floor along with a table set up with champagne and some fruit and snacks, my heart melts a little at how sweet this is.

I take a seat on the floor and hes hanging over me again tying the mask back on me, I hear him walking but don't know were he is... I feel him touching my feet and taking off my heels, he starts to kiss them and work up from my ankle up my leg towards the inside of my thigh, I'm already breathing heavy and feeling my insides gush, he stops and bends my knees up before slowly opening my legs, giving him a full view of my black and green lace thong covering my very wet and puffy pussy. He slides 1 finger across my underwear and rubs on my clit and I try to not gasp but its already to much, he slides my thong to the side, "open your mouth please and stick out your tongue" he says firmly, I do as he says

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Notes Even though my plan was to cheer him up, he stole my heart instead
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