Odd jobs for the Widows

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I have been doing odd jobs for people for years now and word of mouth has always been the best payoff for me but when I met Mary everything changed. The first time I went to Mary's house she had a small list of jobs that she wanted done. I replaced a chimney cap for her first, then a defective outlet outside. She asked to repair a drop ceiling in her basement which I did. Upon completion of the work she paid me and then asked me if I could take a look at a gutter on the back of the house. I followed her out to the back yard. As we walk I was looking at her butt and thinking I'd like to see that naked. Well I didn't notice that she had looked back at me and I think that she saw me admiring her ass.

I should probably tell you that Mary has been widowed for 15 years, is 62 years old, lives alone, is probably 5'5" tall and average looking and a little over weight. After discussing what could be done with the gutter she tells me that she went across the street while I was down in the basement doing the ceiling and told her neighbor Marilyn who is also a widow about me and what a great job I was doing for her. I said thank you very much and packed up everything and left.

She texted me about 15 minutes after I left and thanked me for all my hard work and when would I be available to come back for the next list to be done. I said that I could have kept working if she had more jobs. She said the first time was a trust test and that I had passed with flying colors. I told her that I could return the next week and set up a day and time.

I returned to Mary's the next Monday and she greeted me at the door. This time she had on very tight jeans and a low cut top and she looked very hot. I was hoping that she didn't notice my look of excitement when she let me in the house. She offer me a cup of coffee and we walked to the kitchen. Her ass looked great in the jeans she was wearing and I was enjoying the view. We reached the kitchen and she told me to have a seat and she would get our coffee. I watched her as she reached for the mugs and commented on how nice she looked.

She turned to me and said how would I like it? I figured what the hell and replied the coffee or you? A huge smile came across her face and she said both and she walked towards me. I smiled back at her and said the coffee, cream and sugar, you naked sitting on my lap. She stopped in front of me and said that if I really wanted the coffee she would make it but if I wanted her naked that I should get on with it. I stood up and slid my hands around her waist and pulled her to me tight and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss and says that we should head to the bedroom. She takes my hand and I follow her down the hallway to her room. When we get in the room she turns to me and says "I hope you don't mind me saying this but I really want you to get naked for me". I smiled at her and said Mary, I'll do whatever you want me to do. I pull my sweatshirt and tee shirt off together and she starts unbuttoning her top. I pull off my boots and unbuckle my belt and jeans. I strip off the jeans and underwear at the same time and stand up fully naked in front of her. I look at her and say " I hope you're not disappointed". She comes over to me and starts running her hands around my body and says "god no this is like a dream for me". She then proceeds to slide her hand down my stomach to my cock and wraps her soft hand around it and starts to slowly stroke me. She looks up at me and says "you don't know how happy you're making me right now". I smile at her and say that you haven't seen anything yet.

I slide her top off and reach around and release the clasp on her bra and slide it down her arms. I walk her over to the bed and unbutton her jeans and work them down her thighs and lay her down on the bed. I pull her underwear down and start kissing my way back up her legs. She starts moaning as my hands caress her legs up to her stomach and breasts. I must admit that it's been quite a while since I have seen a full natural bush on a woman but I found it quite sexy on her. As I reached her pussy with my mouth I started to massage her clit with my fingers and she starts squirming back and forth and I start to lick her lips and she goes oh god yes. With that I dive into her and go to town on her pussy. After about 10 minutes of eating her and nibbling on her clit I slide my tongue down to her butt hole and tickle it startling her. I start working her ass and she says "ooh no one's ever done that to me before". I looked up between her legs and said "do you want me to stop" and she says "god no, it feels fantastic, please proceed". I smile and go back to eating her ass and pussy, alternating between both. She begins to moan loud and then starts to breath very heavy, I know she's getting ready to cum so I push my tongue as deep in to her pussy as I can and push the tip of my finger into her hot wet ass and she explodes. I keep licking her wet pussy and playing with her ass and I look up at her and she's looking down at me with a huge smile.

I slide up to her lips and kiss her deeply, she looks at me and says now its my turn and she rolls me over onto my back and starts kissing and licking me all over. She slowly works her way down my body until she reaches my throbbing cock and slides it into her mouth working on just the head for a while. She then slides down onto my cock and starts sucking it wildly. She really knows what she is doing and after about 10 minutes I tell her that I'm going to cum, she looks up at me and says " I want it all" and proceeds to suck me even harder until I explode in her mouth and she sucks me dry. She keeps sucking me and stroking my cock for another minute and then comes up to me and says " thank you, that was delicious but I'm afraid that I'm going to need more of that"

I place her on her back and I say to her "I have to fuck you now I can't wait any longer" and she says "nothing would make me happier, p

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