Vitamin D

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My head was pounding when I walked in from work. It was a long day. A long and frustrating day. The first thing I did was take off all my work clothes. Everything, including my socks and underwear. I wanted to crawl under my covers and go to sleep. But maybe a little exercise would do me good. I put on my cheap shorts and t shirt, along it’s a pair of old sneakers, skipping the underwear.
There’s a trail not far from where I live; I walked over to it and began making my way around the path. The weather was nice and it was crowded. People walking dogs, riding bikes, jogging. People waved hello and I waved back.
Then I saw him, he was jogging towards me. His thick brown hair bounced as he moved. He had large muscular arms, thick legs. He smiled at me and waved as he passed.
“Hi,” I said back. After he passed I turned around to examine his butt. It was perfect and round. Like the rest of him. I kept walking and he ran by me a few more time. Each time with a hello and a wave. He received a hello and wave in return. Eventually I was coming to the end of my walk.
“Hey,” I heard a voice ring out, I turned to see the jogger walking towards me.
“Hello,” I said back.
“Nice day,” he said. The two of us began chatting. Small talk. I had trouble following because I felt a dampness begin to appear in my shorts. I tried to angle my body, afraid that he might see a strange mark begin to appear. I noticed he looked down, toward my breasts. It was then that I noticed my nipples were rock hard. There was no way to hide this.
“Do you want a drink?” I asked. He said yes. In seconds we were in my kitchen. He was standing at the counter as I filled two glasses with ice water. I walked over to him and handed him one. His fingers touched my hand as he slide the glass away from me.
The two of us drank our water. We looked at each other in a strange silence. Neither of us knew what was going to happen next.
To my surprise, I reached out and began caressing his crotch.
“Oh,” he gasped as his penis sprung to life. I took my hand and slide it beneath his shorts. My hand wrapped around his cock. I stroked it, feeling it grown and stiffen in my grip.
“Pull your shorts down,” I instructed. He did. I placed my hand on his pelvis and slide it up his hard shaft, watching as his swollen cock head get smeared with pre cum. I took my finger and collected some. I slide it into my mouth. Savoring his salt. “You taste good.”
“Thank you.” His face blushed red. I slide my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I placed my hand on his shoulder lowering him to his knees. He obeyed
“Tell me how I taste,” I placed my hands on the back of his head and leaned him forward. My body shivered as his tongue ran the length of my pussy. I crushed his face into me as his mouth kissed me and his tongue swirled around my swollen clit.
“You can stroke your cock if you want,” his shoulder began to move as he jacked off while he ate my pussy. “Good boy.”
He was officially my puppet now, my fuck slave. Maybe that’s what set me over the edge but I felt my pussy quiver and I had to grab the counter as I began to cum. He peeled himself away from me and watched as I gasped and moaned. Over and over until I finally just panted for air.
I took a moment. And then removed my shirt.
I took my foot and placed it on his shoulder. Laying him down. I then squatted over his crotch. Grabbing his cock, I leaned down letting it slide into me. My pussy took it eagerly.
I began to bounce on him. Up and down, savoring the feel of him inside of me. I reached down, grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. I squeezed his hands, causing them to squeeze my breasts. I grabbed his hair and keep fucking him. My body slapped his hard as I pushed him deeper and deeper into me.
“Cum inside,” I demanded.
“Ok.” He gasped
“Ok what?” I asked.
“Ok ma’am.”
“Cum with me my little fuck puppet,” I instructed.
“I’m close.”
“Me too.” My finger nails pierced his skin on his chest and I leaned my head back. I began to cum, my pussy grabbed his cock. Then I felt him explode inside of me. He moaned out as his cum blasted into me. For a moment I couldn’t move. I just sat there. Holding him inside of me. Neither one of us could talk or move.
After a moment I pulled him out of me. After his cock was removed our mixed cum spilled on to his pelvis. I leaned down and kissed his check. “Good boy.”
I collected my clothes to head upstairs to hit the shower.
“Be a dear and mop up before you leave,” I said as I left him naked on the floor.

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