Visiting the neighbors (Part 1 of 2)

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Piper started to wake up. Her head feels heavy. She can hardly lift it. It must have been a long night yesterday. It seems like something heavy is on her long perfectly shaven legs. She's completely naked..... She didn't have the energy to even look at her legs. She remembers last night, she broke into Jenny's neighbor's sunroom. She must have fallen asleep on his bed. She wasn't alone. No Jenny was with her. She calls her "Jenny?!" No answer, she must have left, but why? She definitely enjoyed the adventure last night, didn't Jenny? Before she can think about it a bit more, it becomes darker. A shadow casts over her, like clouds moving in front of the sun. But when she looks through the window the sun is shining bright.... Then she feels a hot, actually sexy, breath on her neck and a deep, male voice. "So you decided to wake up?" She is suddenly wide awake. Turns her head slowly around. Jenny's neighbor is sitting on top of her long legs. Wearing his jeans and no shirt...….

Piper's head is spinning. The weight on her legs weren't because of last night. No, she was caught by Jackson, Jenny's annoying, arrogant neighbor, he had been sitting on her for a while. She tries to get lose but he's too strong. With his big arms he doesn't even have to hold her hard to keep her in check. "Leave me alone Jackson!" Piper screams, trying to get loose, but effectively not able to move an inch. Jackson immediately puts his left hand on her mouth. "Shut up! What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?" He asks angrily. Are you going to shut up?! She nods a little scared. He removes his hand. "Please let me go? She said with a squeaky scary voice. "Oh you think it is that easy huh?!" Jackson says in an angry voice. "This should go unpunished?! How the hell can I let you do that?!" Jackson asks. "Please I'll do anything, I'll clean your house for a week, wash your car, anything" Piper begs. "Anything huh?" Jackson asks. "Yes please, anything. Just let me go. I am sorry, I won't do it again" Piper begs. Then she hears a grin and squeaks..

Jackson spreads the fingers of his right hand and moves them slowly over Piper's naked ass. Then presses his dumb softly on her pussy. "You can't do...." He continues to stimulate her pussy with his middle and indexfinger. Piper wants to sputter but can't, it is like the air has completely disappeared from her throat, her jaw drops as her eyes grow. She fights her emotions and sensations which are surging through her body. This is wrong, she shouldn't enjoy this. It's so wrong but it feels right. She starts moaning. Her face turns blank, her pupils rolling to the back of her eyeballs. Grasping for air. She buries her face in the pillow in front of her. Jackson making small gentle circles on the outside of her small tight pussy. Then continues by attaching his index finger to his middle finger and focusing more on the inside of her lips without entering. Soft strokes. Rhythm increasing. Piper's starts to get wet. Then he slowly enters with two fingers. She makes a high pitched voice.... she can feel her own juices dripping on the bed. Then she feels something poking on her ass. Is that..... yes it must be, right? It must be Jackson's big cock although, covered and in his jeans, pressing on her tiny cute ass. It is hard. Naughty ideas get in Piper's head, a grin on her face. Tongue slowly wetting her lips, eyes in very horny naughty state...…

Piper and Jenny were partying. They probably had too much to drink. Tipsy and wandering outside. Piper wearing a see through black dress and a bright pink thong. The pattern of the dress made sure that her private parts were disguised but her skin and abs were clearly visible. The dress accentuated her stunning figure perfectly. Jenny wearing a white shirt barely covering her tits, her abs and bellybutton clearly visible. Furthermore wearing sexy wetlook black hotpants with a zipper from top to bottom in front. "Hey Pipes the door of Jackson's sunroom is open" Jenny yells "Shhh" Jenny tries to shush her. "He might hear us" Jackson is Jenny's arrogant neighbor, the neighborhood is quite poor. Jackson is quite rich and bought the houses next to Jenny. He completely demolished the houses and built his own Villa, it doesn't fit the area at all. A villa amidst small low-budget houses. Rumor has he must be compensating something...…

"Oh my this room is awesome, let's go in" Piper says. She opens the door a bit more so they can enter. "Come in Jenny, let's live a little" she yells. Jenny is in doubt, it is wrong but exciting at the same time. It seems like the alcohol has stimulated her adventurous side, she giggles and follows Piper. "Wow just look at that bed, so soft, hmmmmm" Piper dives in the king size bed, she has never been in one this large. "Come on Jenny!" Jenny jumps on the bed wildly. Bouncing around. Grabbing a cushion and playfully hitting Piper. Who grabs a pillow to defend herself. The girls laugh and jump, until at a moment Piper is on her back and Jenny on top of her. Their eyes locked, temperature rising, hearts racing. What's happening?!

Jenny suddenly gets flashbacks of her experimental night with Jake, last week. Her first time. He was sucking her pussy, it felt so great. After that night she has had many wet dreams where she was the one sucking pussy. She was the one giving another girl her ultimate pleasure. However she never acted on it. Every time a girl passed by her she fantasized about her, but she never had the courage to take the first step. Could this be a sign. Why was she so hot? Why did Piper look so attractive to her? Piper has always been dashing but never, never has she felt the sexual attraction as she was feeling in this moment. Was this the moment to act?! Or is this the alcohol talking?

As Jenny is on top of Piper she moves her hand to Piper's face with her thumb and index finger. Holding her face, inspecting her, looking her deep in her eyes as she suddenly lets her

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Written by eroticstoryteller
Cargado January 12, 2022
Notes A third adventure in Jenny's universe. Meeting her friend Piper and running into Jackson... Don't forget to read "Meet Jenny" and "Renay's stress relief" to better understand Jenny's universe!
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